Achieve minimal effort and downtime
for your SAP S/4HANA conversion

with a feature-rich migration accelerator

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Prepare and Assess your SAP ECC System

Get actionable insights before you migrate to SAP S/4HANA

Get tailor-made Business & IT recommendations

Generate real-time functional and technical impact reports

Cleanse data and fine-tune custom codes

Estimate effort and resources needed for the project


Manage your S/4HANA Migration

Simplify and Streamline your project with automated project management

Plan requirements and releases

Manage your project with priority control

Regulate your workflow with in-depth automation

Access real-time milestone insights


Validate and Monitor your New System

Evaluate and ensure that your new S/4HANA system is defect-free

Validate Migrated Data

Monitor your system in real-time

Ensure compliance with Global SAP and GDPR standards

Leverage EDGE Services to enhance Business Functionality


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Pay only for what you need

No one should pay for things they don't need, and neither should you

Feature-based pricing

Package-based Pricing

User-based pricing


Rest assured that you made the right choice

Stay in complete control of your S/4HANA project to experience the following benefits

60%* faster S/4HANA migrations

40%* lesser S/4HANA migration costs

24/7 real-time system monitoring

Zero defect, risk-free S/4HANA experience


Understand how KTern simplifies your S/4HANA Conversion