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    Three stages of S/4HANA migration.
    One Product.

    With a robust feature-set which works across the three stages of migrating to S/4HANA, you can expect to stay in complete control of the entire S/4HANA migration process and reap four major benefits.

    Up to 60% reduction in S/4HANA migration project duration
    An overall Cost reduction of up to 40%
    24/7 monitoring after the S/4HANA conversion is complete
    Zero defect, Risk-free S/4HANA ERP experience

    Pay only for what you need

    You decide which features of KTern you need to use and pay for. Want only the Data Validator? Or do you need the Impact Analysis Dashboard? Or perhaps you also need the Testing Suite and Project Management Kernel?

    The pricing is completely flexible based on the features you wish to utilize. Moreover, you can also configure your pricing based on the number of users you require.

    Prepare and Assess your Existing System

    The first step towards your digital transformation journey with S/4HANA begins with Preparation. Visualize your roadmap and get started with your S/4HANA assessment using KTern.

    Get tailor-made recommendations on SAP, Business innovations and IT optimization
    Receive Real-time Reports on the Functional and Technical Impact of S/4HANA
    Cleanse your data and fine-tune existing HANA custom codes to improve performance
    Estimate the effort and resources required for the S/4HANA migration

    Manage your S/4HANA Migration

    Rest assured that your S/4HANA migration is on the right track with the help of an extensive project management kernel and a comprehensive auto-testing Suite covering the 5 major functions of your S/4HANA project.

    Requirement and Release Planning
    Priority Control
    Automated Workflows
    Milestone Insights

    Validate and Monitor your New System

    Ensure that the entire migration from your existing system to S/4HANA has gone through without any errors with the KTern feature set specifically designed to offer post-migration support.

    Validate the data carried over to your new system
    Monitor your S/4HANA system on a real-time basis
    Ensure compliance with Global SAP standards
    Leverage on EDGE Services to improve business functionality



    Login to KTern account. Then, login to your SAP system using the SAP Logon credentials.


    KTern provides a vast SaaS full of features. Based on your role, you can query that would simplify S/4HANA complexities.


    Based on your query, KTern provides a colorful dashboard with meaningful insights in a secure environment.


    Drill down the Analytic reports to view your desired query.

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    Why should you move from ECC to S/4HANA?

    With HANA at the core of your digital enterprise, you can evolve faster, be agiler, and leverage all the latest technological advancements available in the market to transform your organization. You can also discover new and better ways of doing business for the future by fueling growth and sustainability. SAP HANA digital core provides innovations such as In-Memory computing, Cloud Technology, IOT, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and AR/VR.

    Why does SAP HANA migration make sense for Enterprises?

    For Customers, the move from ECC to S/4 HANA is a logical option. A complete redesign of the SAP GUI in the form of Fiori and UI5 is the most welcome part of the S/4 HANA suite. This is coupled with a completely restructured flat data model has reduced the data footprint needed to run an SAP ERP application. Imagine this whole restructured data model sitting completely on an In-Memory database like HANA.

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