KTern is a SaaS-based S/4HANA migration accelerator to achieve faster S/4HANA migrations with minimal effort and downtime. It was crafted with the experience and knowledge gained through 25+ SAP S/4HANA implementation and conversion projects across the globe.

An SAP S/HANA migration accelerator is a product designed to simplify and streamline the entire SAP S/4HANA migration process with a set of activities before the migration, during the migration and after the migration.

KTern helps to analyze the impact of S/4HANA migration, design the roadmap to S/4HANA, execute system housekeeping activities, estimate the effort and timeline for an S/4HANA migration project, and manage the entire project from start and finish. In addition, it also handles end-to-end testing, comprehensive user-training, and real-time system monitoring.

KTern is a 100% SaaS product conforming to all SAP and GDPR standards to ensure data privacy and security. Unlike other accelerators, it follows a strict "no-probe" policy

KTern will be usable even after the migration is complete. The system governance module ensures that your system functions normally with 24/7 real-time monitoring.

How is KTern different?

Features Panaya IBM Datavard KTern
Roadmap and Value Realization Guide
Impact Analysis Dashboard
Housekeeping Suite
Estimation Console
Project Management Kernel
Testing Suite
Data Validation
Training Hub
System Governance
Edge Services