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  • Impact Analysis Dashboard

    Perform a technical and functional impact analysis to select the most appropriate path for your S/4HANA migration by performing a high-level benefit-analysis.

    Functional Impact Analysis

    Elaborate compatibility checks on business functions and add-ons

    Technical Impact Analysis

    Analyze Performance metrics, custom codes and the interface impact

    Housekeeping Suite

    Cleanse the data deemed to be unnecessary for the new S/4HANA system, remove obsolete entries and ABAP dumps, and tune your system for optimal performance.

    Archive data to enhance housekeeping potential and reduce TCO
    Run regular background jobs for a clean and optimized operating system
    Fix and optimize the HANA codes for smooth system functionality

    Estimation Console

    Analyse the Business Support Requirements and define the parameters which influence the IT Effort, Cost, and Resources to synthesize the ideal project timeline for your S/4HANA migration project.

    Generate reports on hardware sizing, computation, network and deployment models
    Assess vendor and HANA sizing reports to accurately predict the cost and resources
    Realize milestones which need to be set for the entire S/4HANA project

    Project Management Kernel

    Leverage on the versatile KTern Project Management Kernel to plan and execute each and every single phase of your transition to S/4HANA.

    Plan your requirements and releases based on the need of the hour
    Collaborate with the entire team working on your S/4HANA migration
    Analyze data and statistics to ensure that resources and costs are in control
    Assign tasks based on a detailed schedule

    Testing Suite

    Run automated testing procedures to test based on your priorities and scopes while gaining access to real-time risk analysis reports to manage potential threats which could affect your S/4HANA system.

    Generate test scripts and run automated testing procedures powered by BAPIs
    Proactively eliminate, resolve, and close defects with KTern Smart Defect Management
    Enable priority based testing for immediate releases and business process realizations

    Data Validator

    Validate every single data which has been carried over from the existing system to your new S/4HANA system with the end-to-end data solution using an optimized approach for key-level mapping.

    Generate reports on-demand for audit requirements
    Visualize the data in your existing system and in S/4HANA
    Rest assured that you had a zero defect S/4HANA migration

    Training Hub

    Embrace the dedicated training hub workbench intended for training business users and getting them acclimatized to the new S/4HANA environment.

    Generate Auto-training scenarios based on business process analysis
    Conduct a workbench on the impact of training to the end business users
    Match your business processes to SAP functionalities

    System Governance Console

    Continuously monitor your system 24/7 and ensure that operations are proceeding in a streamlined manner without any hurdles.

    Static code analysis to ensure compliance with SAP Standards
    Database Advisory Unit to handle transports and spool requests
    Complete authorization audit for segregation of duties