Autonomous Enterprise Release Impact

Kirthan Ramesh


Let us consider a scenario where you must do a change impact analysis during the run mode, and there are around a thousand test cases. In this case, we do not want to run through all the thousand test cases; You only wish to focus and run the few test cases that are impacted, which is what Autonomous Enterprise Release Impact does.

The Enterprise Release Impact Bot provides you with a list of impacted Processes, and when you do release management across different modules, it provides you with the following

  1. The Use cases that are Impacted
  2. The new test cases that need to be created
  3. The Different Stakeholders who are to be involved
  4. The Impact of UI Processes

Test Console

(In the above screen-grab from the platform, you would notice that instead of the original 1000 test cases, we now need to go about testing only the 29 impacted Test cases)

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