An Introduction to Autonomous Test Console of Digital Labs

Kirthan Ramesh


The KTern Autonomous Process Modeller is driven by a set of bots whose workflow can be modified based on how you wish to drive your testing.

It consists of a workflow involving the following Bots

  1. Discovery Bot
  2. Preparation Bot
  3. Execution Bot
  4. Documentation Bot
  5. Monitoring Bot
  6. Sign-off Bot
  7. Management Bot

Process Wizard


KTern’s process wizard comes up with a list of different processes from the existing landscape across the different departments such as finance, sales, distribution, materials management, and production planning.

Test Console


The prepare bot displays the list of test cases that it has run so far and displays the type of the test script (API or UI based). By clicking on a test case, you could easily look into the test case information based on the Process mapping which we did earlier and view how well the script has run by looking into the script sequence.

Test Console


The Execute bot records the evidence of how a particular bot has run, whether it has passed or failed. The Evidence sequence could be UI-based as well, and the platform contains a connector that displays screenshots of where you entered a particular data. Once the Execute bot has run, it throws a list of defects that you could view under the Linked Defects Tab. KTern takes a whole new approach towards UI-based three-dimensional testing in terms of how we understand HTML5 and the Unstable id’s that comes with it.

The Execution Analysis allows you to get a complete view of how much execution time has elapsed; this data is helpful in terms of doing regression testing.

Test Console


Typically, there are a set of consultants working on documentation, and even if the documentation is done, there is confusion about where the documentation is stored. KTern’s auto-documentation is completely configurable and allows the customers to download the documentation from the document tab in the Process wizard and view the document, which shows them the list of test cases and how the steps are run.

Test Console

(By clicking on the Test Console download button, you can view the documentation, which shows the list of test cases and how the steps were run)


The KTern platform promotes complete monitoring in terms of how a set of Test Cases was executed, the number of Bot Plans, The scenarios, The value, volume, and velocity analysis in terms of different T codes, and identifying which of the test cases have a higher significance during the run.

Test Console

Test Console

(The dashboard displays the complete statistics and the defects that have come out of it)


The Sign-off displays a complete view of how you want to build the Test suite and provides a complete orchestration in terms of go or a no go before going live.

Test Console


Once you are in run mode as you go between different releases, you could manage the entire testing from one single Manage Dashboard. This single platform helps almost everyone in the project lifecycle, the test engineer, the test manager, consultants, a process owner, product manager, delivery heads, IT directors, and even the CIO, to stay connected cognitively and drive the testing.

Test Console

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