Finding the right tool for your SAP Transformation

DXaaS Sep 16, 2021

The KTern Platform is designed specifically to address the growing concern among organizations for a continuous improvement Digital Transformation Solution.

Democratizing Digital Transformation through DXaaS and providing the highest rates of Digital transformation success rates has been KTern.AI’s primary focus, and this is achieved through our core pillars:

  1. One Unified Goal
  2. Scalability and Cost Effectiveness
  3. End-to-End Solutions
  4. Data-Centricity
  5. Cultural Shift
  6. Integrity and Harmony

The Customer Journey

An SAP Digital Transformation is a huge initiative starting with identifying the existing processes and planning the transformation that is to be undergone, orchestrating the processes and testing through either separate units or combined testing. Finally, the whole project is taken live with continuous innovations and improvements.

This Entire Digital Transformation Lifecycle can be completely managed and governed using the KTern.AI DXaaS platform per the SAP Activate Methodology.

To Simplify your transformation KTern offers its platform through the five following streams:

1.Digital Maps - Process Profiling, Analysis of custom objects and Interfaces, roadmap
2.Digital Projects - SAP activate Governance, Work-item Wizards, sign-off workflows
3.Digital Processes - SAP Scope item Orchestration, custom process adaptation, Materiality analysis
4.Digital Labs - Autonomous continuous tests, Test cases with datasets, SAP UI & API driven testing
5.Digital Mines - Change Impact Forecast, Optimized test path, Business ops

Key Components of the SAP DXaaS Automation Platform:


Strongly aligned to the SAP Best Practices, years of tribal knowledge and SAP Assets are bought into a single auto-learning Knowledge-Base Engine.

Business Ops Engine:

Automated discovery and understanding of existing processes through Process Mining.

Cognitive Cloud Workplace:

Capable of learning about the existing processes and takes a holistic approach towards risk forecasting, offering suggestions to mitigate these risks by connecting People, processes, and tools.

Integration Engine:

Integrations could be driven directly from the platform using intelligent Tech-Driven APIs

Materiality Analysis:

Uses a proprietary value, volume and velocity rule engine to determine and prioritise the processes with the highest impact.

SAP Activate Container :

Contains SAP Activate project governance and orchestration templates for different SAP products like S/4HANA, Successfactors, Ariba, etc.

SAP Scope Item Container:

Contains the Process Model Orchestrator that shows how the processes in the system are mapped.

Digital Workflows:

Through Hierarchical Sign-Offs, you can provide digital assurance, and the entire workflow items can be delivered on time to the end customers.

Next Steps

KTern.AI DXaaS platform’s streams are designed to foster continuous improvement and nurture innovation.  Faster Scalability and greater integrations with solution providers ensures your business is always ready to quickly pivot and capture new opportunities as and when they arise.

Experience KTern through our Demo App:


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