KTern’s Reimagined Approach To SAP Testing

Kirthan Ramesh


The KTern Platform is more than a collaboration tool. It is cognitive in nature and can understand what SAP is doing in your system and picks up a list of processes. Let us assume that your business has around 300 processes at the T code level combined with three times the different data types and variants. It will take around three to four months for a person to get into SAP and understand the processes, but the KTern Platform has produced benchmark results and can completely map the processes and understand what is currently going on at a process level within a week.

The platform does a materiality scoring and a value, volume, velocity analysis or as we like to call it a VVV Analysis, that is it combines the number of transactions that have been run on your current SAP system with the configuration and few of the logs to assign a score or percentage and sort based on the most recently used or the most critical parts of your processes. This step helps us prepare ahead of the actual testing part by segregating based on scenarios or business processes. At the highest level, it can be done from order to cash, procure to pay, record to revenue, or it can be drilled down to the next level in terms of scenarios and subject matter experts. Followed by this, a complete assignment is done in terms of who the users are and who would be involved in testing when a particular process is getting dismantled.

SAP DX Testing


The platform is capable of driving the Execution stage as both API-based or UI-based. Once the execution is done, the defects that come out of the testing is automatically given, and a list of documentation is provided as well before we proceed to the next level.


Once we get into run mode, the KTern platform monitors any changes in the processes; when there is a release cycle or a functional pack upgrade, or let us say your business is moving from an older version of S/4HANA to a newer version, your go-live can still be driven using the monitoring board despite the pandemic and people working from a remote location.


The Sign-Off Bot is more of a workflow in terms of the assignment of who the users are and who should be testing, ensuring complete transparency because, at the end of the day, when it comes to digital transformation, the technology is just one part of it, it is all about the people and how they go about the training, how they handle the changes and how they go about driving the new process.

Benchmarking Exercise:

The Benchmarking Exercise that we have done so far continues to surprise us regarding the level of automation that we could do using the platform. Testing used to take 100 days can now be done in 30 days using the platform. The best part is the quantum of errors that usually comes up with manual testing where something slips by, and the recommended testing is not completed is now overcome by our End-To-End Automation.

What do you get with KTern-powered DX Testing?

  1. End-To-End Automation
  2. Increased Productivity
  3. Fewer Defects
  4. No Learning Curve
  5. Anyone with a business understanding could drive the testing without the need for code.
  6. API Based Testing is Possible
  7. Three-Dimensional Approach to UI Based Testing with self-healing tests
  8. Data-Based Testing (Data Stored In SAP)
  9. Combines Agile & Activate approach to testing
  10. Auto-Documentation
  11. Autonomous Testing Console
  12. Autonomous Process Modeller

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