Challenges in SAP Testing

Digital Labs May 14, 2021

When it comes to SAP Testing, there are about six challenges that every enterprise may face, right from a million-dollar enterprise to a multibillion-dollar enterprise.

The challenges might be related to:

  1. SAP System
  2. Dataset
  3. Environment
  4. Planning
  5. Review
  6. Repeatability

Table of contents

One of the main challenges while running the SAP Tests is related to SAP System. It may be due to complex workflows or complex architecture that are used by inter-wined process or the lack of cross-functional technology support of the system that is being tested on.

When there’s data from the past 15 to 20 years, it might be challenging. In terms of dataset, the problems arise due to the more volume of data sets than the system can handle as well as the variety of the dataset. It will be hard to find a valid combination of datasets from the huge amount of data that is currently available to you.

When it comes to the environment that you are running, it has its own set of challenges from the stability of the environment, to availability of features, and to be able to connect all the interfaces together. The other issues might relate to identifying the types of business processes for testing.

When you do a conversion or a new implementation and the cut off time is very less, you typically end up doing some randomized testing and you clear some errors that might arise. Then you go into the run mode and then you look at things and you might find some more errors that you have to stabilize.

It is always left to the tester and the subject matter experts to identify the crucial test cases and perform the testing. That, in fact, leads to lots of errors and the system not getting tested properly.

So, planning related challenges lies in identifying testing requirements and test case planning. You have to trace the functional, technical and development requirements.

It is left to a set of testing consultants to drive the testing tools that are available in the market and there’s a bit of coding involved in terms of how they can do it. There is a lot of reinventions or reimagination that you can do in terms of how you go about doing your testing. The go or no-go decision on the go live date, tracking who has worked on what, which subject matter expert has tested things, having complete visibility and transparency in terms of driving an SAP transformation are some of the challenges that you would be facing to drive proper testing.

When you are testing you might see some test cases that might come up repeatedly or there might be a set of test cases that you have but you are not sure that if you can reuse it. These may be caused due to the insufficient training and documentation of the previous tests and you might not have tracked the issues and recorded the actions that you took to correct those issues. Not recording the lessons that you have learnt might lead to not reusing the test cases and you might end up starting the whole process again for the test cases you already have tested.

If you have to make advancements in terms of technologies, in terms of adopting third-party platforms or model, you might be wondering which one to absorb to run these test cases. That’s where KTern comes up with a list of test cases and features that you can expand to your system.


Kirthan Ramesh

Ideas and Technologies are dime a dozen. But it's only when they're translated into reality and reach the people they're intended to, that they actually start to change lives.

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