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In this article, we will explain how one of the world’s leading provider of technologically advanced innovative products, systems, and solutions in the HVAC space used KTern to analyze their complete SAP ECC system and define a roadmap to achieve a stress-free transition to SAP S/4HANA. One of the key customer value-adds of using KTern is the automation-led assessment approach which saved 30% of costs, efforts and timeline.

The Company

The Company is a leading provider/marketer of technologically advanced innovative products, systems, and solutions in the HVAC space. They provide solutions capable of cooling and heating any application from a home to a large commercial building. The company predominantly caters to the United States, Caribbean and the Central American markets. They have grown to a revenue level of approximately $1 Billion, from a modest $50 Million USD in a short time span.

Business Situation and Challenges

The customer was using SAP ECC 6.0 as part of a shared instance with six other subsidiaries. Their existing SAP ECC system was implemented about two decades ago to cater to the operations when they were only one-twentieth of their current size. The increase in volume and the rapid scaling of business outgrew their implemented SAP processes. Some of the current business pain areas of their SAP Landscape include:

  • Massive growth in the recent years making their current ECC processes obsolete
  • Multiple interfaces without seamless integration
  • No real-time data availability
  • Absence of key business processes
  • Excessive manual effort due to unavailability of processes in SAP
  • No single source of truth
  • Uncontrolled data replication across systems
They were investigating ways to assess the impact of a potential SAP S/4HANA transformation from its current ECC environment.

Landscape Details

  1. SAP ECC 6 EHP 4
  2. 400 GB Oracle Database
  3. 436 total SAP ERP users
  4. 11 Functional Modules
  5. 4200+ Custom Objects
  6. 1300+ Custom Programs
  7. 120 Add-ons

Thus, the customer was facing process constraints with the antiquated SAP ECC system in place, which was highly intransigent in addressing current business needs. Sensing the serious lack of support from the existing SAP ECC system, they took a wise decision to embark on an SAP S/4HANA transformation.

They approached one of KTern’s premium partners for expert consulting on conducting an assessment of their current SAP landscape, existing business processes and come up with a detailed assessment report with recommendations on futuristic solution roadmap, sequence of implementation, timeline, resource requirements, infrastructure needs, and overall business benefits.

Solution provided by KTern

KTern is an SAP certified SaaS product built for SAP Digital Transformations. It’s unique automation, governance and collaboration capabilities helps ECC customers migrate to S/4HANA. It has several inbuilt modules and an AI & RPA driven “S/4HANAPEDIA” rule engine to cover the entire lifecycle of a S/4HANA project.

Our customer used KTern to assess their current SAP ECC system to determine the implications of the move to S/4HANA and the impact on current functionalities and associated system data.

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Objectives of the Assessment

The objective of this assessment is to help create an overall strategy for the digital transformation using SAP S/4HANA ERP System as the digital core and enable the customer to take advantage of futuristic innovations. Some of the key objectives of the assessment are:

  1. To perform a complete Business Process assessment & create a corresponding S/4 HANA solution design
  2. To identify and determine a roadmap from ECC to S/4HANA
  3. To assess the existing processes and identify pain points and improvement opportunities enabled through S/4HANA
  4. To identify all the necessary pre-requisites for the SAP S/4HANA transformation
  5. To identify and quantify business benefits and create high level financial case for change
  6. Provide an estimate of the indicative costs and timeline for the migration

How did KTern help?

KTern was connected to the SAP ECC sandbox system within 5 minutes with zero configurations. KTern’s SAP S/4 HANA Assessment Report enables one to better understand the implications of a transition from an existing SAP ERP system to SAP S/4 HANA. The checks help to identify necessary preparations and pre-projects in the current system landscape, well before an SAP S/4HANA transition project starts

An automated assessment was executed to illustrate technical, functional, and business process impact of moving from ECC to S/4HANA.

  1. Automated Landscape Assessment gave a clear end-to-end KTern computed Landscape and System Information in order to understand the ‘AS-IS’ and ‘TO-BE’ landscape architecture. The information covered in this section are as follows:
    1. System Information
    2. Add on Analytics
    3. Interfaces and Connections
    4. User Profiling
  2. Automated Business Process Assessment provided information on the existing business processes used and the configurations for the same.
    1. Process Profiling
    2. Enterprise Structure Mining – Sales
    3. Enterprise Structure Mining – Purchase
    4. Enterprise Structure Mining – Orders
    5. Enterprise Structure Mining – Billing
    6. Simplification Item Check
    7. Fiori App Recommendations
    8. Business Function Analysis
    9. Training Scenario Recommendations
  3. Automated Custom Objects Assessment gave an analytical view of the custom objects and programs present in the system
    1. Custom Object Profiler
    2. Enhancement Analysis
    3. Modification Analysis
    4. Custom Program Impact Analysis
  4. In addition, after assessing the system, KTern also provided an automated roadmap and calculated the approximate amount of effort required for the migration to SAP S/4HANA.

KTern Driven Benefits

In this way, KTern conducted a complete analysis of the customer’s SAP system and ECC landscape. It evaluated the existing processes to identify pain points and potential improvements enabled by S/4HANA. In addition, KTern also analyzed the data migration strategies to mitigate disruption to the business.

Following were some the key data-driven benefits provided by KTern throughout the course of the assessment:

  1. “S/4HANAPEDIA” empowered project automation and governance
  2. Cost and effort savings due to reduced resource deployment
  3. Huge time savings due to elimination of configurations and manual work
  4. Improved collaboration and efficiency among all project stakeholders
  5. One product to control the entire assessment

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