Test Case Wizard

Once you click and launch any test case from the test catalog, you will be automatically directed to the Test Case Wizard. The test case wizard consists of some basic information like the status, priority and the test type. It also has the option of editing the test case.

In the test case wizard, you shall find four tabs – Test Center, Test Lab, Defects Repository, History, Test Configuration.

Test Center

Under the test case wizard is the Test Center. It is the one-stop center for getting all the information, notes and files with respect to a test case. Some of the important details in the Test Center provides the following info regarding a test case:

  1. Test plan and scenario to which the test case belongs
  2. Related functional module of the test case
  3. Business Process of the test case
  4. Description of the test case
  5. Materiality profiling score of the test case
  6. Stakeholders involved in that particular test case
  7. Planned vs Actual details of the test case
  8. Any files uploaded by a team member against that test case
  9. A discussion forum for stakeholders to collaborate
  10. A platform for any reference or wiki notes
  11. The test case/work-item hierarchy tracker

As you can see, the test center in KTern acts as an intuitive platform to collaborate and get things done. Instead for multiple email threads and project governance tools, you can simply login to KTern and perform all the activities instantaneously. In this way, KTern offers a higher visibility to the project managers and key stakeholders on all testing activities.

You can view the following information in Test Center.

  1. Test Case ID

  2. Test Case Title

  3. Parent Task

  4. Created by

  5. Created on

  6. Priority

  7. Test Type

  8. Test Case Description

  9. Stakeholders

  10. Files

  11. Discussions

  12. References

  13. Wiki/Notes

  14. Work Item Hierarchy

Downloading the Test Case Report

You can download the test case report automatically generated by KTern.AI. The automated test case report shall contain all the information about the test case.

Test Lab

Test script and Test evidences are almost synonymous with executing a test case. A test script is nothing but a set of instructions that defines the steps to be executed along with the expected results for each step. The Test Lab of KTern allows you to create test scripts and test execution logs. You can define the environment in which the test case must be executed and also the various steps and expected results of the test script.

Test lab consists of Test Scripts and Test Logs.

Defects Repository

There is a separate defects repository in the test case wizard from where you can create issues/defects related to the test cases. A defect is primarily created when a test case execution has failed. While creating a defect, you can assign stakeholders, planned vs actual dates and map the created defect to a particular test case. Therefore, in this way, KTern provides a way for all the project managers, test engineers and key stakeholders to operate from one place and one place only.

KTern also captures the history thereby enabling you to track all the changes which have been made to that test case since it was created.

In addition, you can also download an auto-generated test case report which contains all the details of the test case. If need arises, you can also edit the test case report.