Test Cockpit

Upon launching the Digital Labs of KTern, you will be taken to the Test Suite Cockpit. It contains three sub-sections: Test Catalog, Auto Recommendations and Auto Import. It also includes the Test Suite Dashboard and the Sign-Off Wizard.

Test Catalog

The test catalog contains the universal list of all the test plans, test scenarios and test cases. It acts as a launchpad from where you can execute the various test cases. The Test Catalog contains the test plans, test scenarios, and the test cases in a hierarchical manner. Each plan can have “n” scenarios under it which in turn can contain “n” test cases. Each of the plan, scenario and test case has a description, related module, testing type and priority assigned adjacent to it.

To view the test catalogue, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Modules Kernel in the App Sidebar. Launch Digital Labs.
  2. You will be redirected to Test Catalog screen.
  3. You shall see the tree structure of test cases in Test Catalog Screen. In the tree, first level node corresponds to Test Plan. Second level node corresponds to Test Scenario. Third level nodes corresponds to Test Cases.