Test Execution Log

The execution log is a record of the steps executed in the test, whether they passed or failed, and if they failed, why. It records what actions a step takes and what elements it acts upon. It includes all steps in one sequence, regardless of whether they are part of the main parent test or a test as step.

Creating Test Execution Log

To create a test script, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Test Case Wizard, select ‘Test lab’ tab.

  2. In Test lab, click on ‘Add new Test Lab Item’. On clicking on that button, you will be provided with options – Test Script, Test Execution Log. Select Test Execution Log.

  3. Clicking on Test Execution Log option, ‘Create Test Log’ drawer will be opened.

  4. Execution title: Enter the execution title. This field is mandatory.

  5. Actual Environment: Choose the actual environment in which the testing has happened. This field is optional.

  6. Test Script: Choose the test script used for testing. This field is mandatory.

  7. Defect:

    1. Click ‘Add new defect’ button
    2. Enter the defect name. This field is mandatory.
    3. Choose the person to be assigned to. This field is mandatory.
    4. Choose Start date and end date to complete defect resolution.
  8. Click on Submit button to create a Test Execution Log.