Test Plan

Test planning, the most important activity to ensure that there is initially a list of tasks and milestones in a baseline plan to track the progress.

Creating a Test Plan

To create a Test Plan, perform the following steps

  1. Click on ‘Create New’ button present in the Test Catalog.

  2. Clicking on that button, you will be provided with options – Test Plan, Test Scenario and Test Case. Choose Test Plan.

  3. Now ‘Create Test Plan’ drawer will be opened as shown below:

  4. Fill the fields:

    1. Test Plan: Enter the Test Plan name. This field is mandatory.
    2. Description: Enter the description about the Test Plan. This field is mandatory.
    3. Acceptance Criteria: Enter the acceptance criteria for the Test Plan. This field is mandatory.
    4. Choose Priority
  5. Click on Submit button to create a new Test Plan.