Test Scripts

Test Scripts are a line-by-line description containing the information about the system transactions that should be performed to validate the application or system under test. Test script should list out each step that should be taken with the expected results.

Creating Test Script

To create a test script, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Test Case Wizard, select ‘Test lab’ tab.

  2. In Test lab, click on ‘Add new Test Lab Item’. On clicking on that button, you will be provided with options – Test Script, Test Execution Log. Select Test Script.

  3. Clicking on Test Script option, ‘Create Test Script’ drawer will be opened.

  4. Test Script title: Enter the test script title. This field is mandatory.

  5. Planned Test Environment: Choose the Planned environment in which the test script has to be executed. This field is optional.

  6. Step:

    1. Step Title: Enter the Step title. This field is mandatory.
    2. Instruction: Enter the instruction. This field is mandatory.
    3. Expected Result: Enter the expected result. This field is mandatory.
  7. Click on Submit button to create a Test Script.