Digital Maps

KTern’s Digital Maps connects to an ECC system and assess the entire landscape, thus enabling you to better understand the implications of a transition from existing ERP system to SAP S/4HANA. Digital Maps has five sub-parts:

  1. Landscape Assessment
  2. Business Process Assessment
  3. Custom Objects Assessment
  4. Business Transformation Assessment
  5. Timeline Assessment

Together, the results from the above assessments serve as a Master Data to transition to the New World.

One of the primary reasons for the complexity of any SAP S/4HANA transition project is the vast legacy data and the customizations that you must migrate. An SAP S/4HANA assessment enables you to understand the implications of the transition from an existing SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA. The check helps to identify the necessary preparations and pre-projects in the current system landscape, long before an SAP S/4HANA system conversion project starts.

There are several factors which you must consider before deciding to move to S/4HANA. You should have the answers for some relevant questions like:

  1. How disruptive will the transition be for your organization?
  2. What is the amount of effort required to transition to S/4HANA?
  3. How many custom codes will be impacted?
  4. What is the impact on the existing landscape?
  5. How much testing effort and business involvement is required?
  6. How to start preparing for your journey to S/4HANA?


  1. Analysis of business process, landscape, custom process with the impact of the changes and simplifications of S/4HANA and optimization insights
  2. AS-IS and TO-BE simulation of the business processes aligned SAP scope items, SAP best practices and SAP Model Company
  3. Derivation of roadmap and effort for ERP transformation with TCO estimator, with risk predictor and resolution insights from inbuilt engine S4HANAPEDIA.AI