Timeline Assessment

Digital Maps - Timeline Assessment

The SAP S/4HANA assessment report enables you to understand the implications of the transition from an existing SAP ERP system to S/4HANA. The Roadmap Guide module of KTern provides an automated high-level roadmap of the SAP S/4HANA system conversion process. The Solution Architects and the Project Managers can then validate the roadmap and proceed with the system conversion project.

After assessing an SAP ECC landscape completely, KTern auto-generates a roadmap and timeline for your S/4HANA conversion. This roadmap/timeline is custom-made for your system only. It takes system complexity, customizations, add-ons, integrations and enhancements into account and then comes up with the timeline.

KTern also provides a detailed timeline of each of the sub-phases of the project with their start and end date. The Solution Architects and Project Managers can use this rough project roadmap and chart out a detailed plan for the conversion.

As seen in the above picture, KTern provides an approximate timeline for the sandbox conversion, development conversion, quality conversion and production system conversion.

Sandbox Conversion

Generally, a sandbox conversion takes around two to three months depending on the system complexity and takes the longest time of all conversion runs. Sandbox conversion is done on a system with production data. A sandbox conversion helps you identify and understand the actual changes in the data model. You may have faced several errors, installed various notes, abided by SAP’s best practices during the Sandbox conversion.

Development System Conversion

A quality system conversion takes lesser time than a development conversion. You must convert the existing ECC quality landscape into S/4HANA quality landscape.

Production Conversion

In this stage, the final production landscape of the ECC system is converted to S/4HANA. With this the system conversion project is completed.

Effort Estimation

The SAP S/4HANA assessment will enable the customer and implementation partner to better understand the implications of system conversion. It identifies the necessary preparation and pre-checks to be done in the current system landscape, long before the real conversion begins. In addition to resource and duration estimation, HANA database sizing and hardware sizing is estimated for an SAP S/4HANA conversion project.

Based on this SAP S/4HANA assessment report, KTern will use its inbuilt effort estimation engine to accurately predict the efforts and resources for a conversion project.

KTern accurately estimates costs and resources to optimize the total cost of conversion and to identify and deploy the right resources for an effortless SAP S/4HANA realization. This module helps the customer and the SAP partner to estimate the required man-hours based on user name, module name, transaction name and type as it quantifies the IT effort required to move to SAP S/4HANA. KTern’s AI-powered Effort Estimator also makes you understand the business support required to complete the project. As part of Effort Estimation, KTern provides:

  1. Recommended Project Timeline
  2. Recommended Duration Estimate
  3. Recommended Resource Utilization Estimate

KTern accurately calculates the number of technical consultants, functional consultants, solution architects and project managers from both the system integrator side and the customer side. This feature, combined with the roadmap generator, is used to plan a smooth and risk-free transition to S/4HANA.