GSI Workbook

Global Scope Item (GSI) Workbook

  1. Visit the Process Cockpit using the following navigation menu: “Modules Kernel -> Digital Process”. Click on the ‘View as Excel’ icon to view the GSI Workbook.

  2. In the GSI Workbook, formulate the process items and click on “Save Process Items” to save the changes

  3. To add individual process items, click on “Add New Process Item”

  4. KTern opens a process item drawer. Enter the details of process item in the “Overview” section

  5. Enter the stakeholder details in the “Stakeholder Information” and click on “Create” to add a new process item

  6. In the Process cockpit, click on the “Edit” icon of the corresponding process item to update the details of the same

  7. In the process item drawer, make the necessary changes and click on “Update” to save the changes