Project Process Integration

Create Template

  1. Click on the user name of the user on the top right menu.

  2. Click on “Project Settings” to add a new template

  3. Click on “Templates” from the left menu to open the templates section

  4. KTern displays the existing templates. Click on “Add New Template” to create a new template

  5. Enter the necessary details of the template. Formulate the necessary tasks and names of the tasks to be created. Type in “@” to add the title of link item A or link item B.

    For example, if link item B is “Accounts Payable” and the formulated name is “Design - @Link-ItemB”, then the created task will be named as “Design - Accounts Payable”

  6. Click on “Submit” to add the new template

  1. Click on (+) icon in the header menu to clone and create new tasks linked with process items

  2. Click on “Clone and Create” to clone and create new tasks linked with process items

  3. KTern provides the options for the users to link 2 work items and formulate new items. For example, let us consider linking tasks and process items

  4. Select the type as “Task”, and select the corresponding tasks in the option provided in the left (“clone”) section. Select the type to any process item type (that you want to link with) in the right (“with”) section.

  5. When a user selects “Process Groups” as type and chooses a line of business in the dropdown, KTern (automatically) select only the process groups under the line of business selected.

  6. Based on the items selected (in the “clone” and “with” section) and the chosen template, KTern automatically formulates the task items with the names configured in the template.

  7. Enter the other corresponding data of the task items and click on “Submit” to the create the tasks linked with the process items

  8. To verify the linkage, the user can refer to the task created. In the newly created task, process linkages will be available in the “References” section