DSR Dashboard

The KPIs outlined here offer valuable insights into daily project activities and progress.

1. Program Overall Progress

This KPI provides a snapshot of the overall project progress based on customer milestone percentages.

Assign weightage and milestone progress to respective items in the project plan.


2. Timeline (Year)project

This KPI offers a monthly and weekly overview based on the start and end date of the current active Level 1 item.

Uses three colors — blue for the active month, red for overdue, and white for upcoming months—to visually represent progress and deadlines.

Ensure the project plan is updated with valid dates for accuracy.


3. Daily DSR Activities Table

This KPI displays daily activities with owners, due dates, current statuses, and a comments section.

Follow the outlined steps, such as creating a custom board and updating activity statuses, to keep the table comprehensive and up to date.

To understand on how to create custom boards, click on this link.


Note : i. Click the ‘Save Version’ button to preserve the latest versions for the same day. Save versions every day for accurate historical data.

ii. Daily Version History allows the display of daily versions of DSR activities by selecting a date in the calendar menu.

iii. Use “comments” to add comments against an Activity.

Implementing and regularly updating these KPIs on the Daily Status Report Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of daily project activities. To ensure accurate and insightful data, keep the project plan updated and follow the recommended steps.