How to track my day-to-day activities?


My Workspace is a personalized space where you can view your day-to-day activities including overdue items. This includes tasks, issues, test cases, sign-offs, user stories, risks, and CTAs, giving you a comprehensive view of your allotted work and progress.

Ways to track your daily activities:

I. My Workitems


Tasks section helps teams to manage and track their tasks on a daily basis, ensuring that all necessary activities are completed on time. It provides a concentrated view of all tasks, making it easy to track and manage their daily activities effectively, ensuring that they meet deadlines and deliver high-quality results. It facilitates real-time collaboration and communication among team members by enabling them to share task related information and updates in a single workspace.


i. Relations:

Choose relation [Eg: Assigned to me, Created by me, Involved as participant]. User could choose anyone at a time. By default, you’ll get data under “Assigned to me” filter.


ii. Filters:

1. View or Hide filters:

[Filters: Status, Phase, Workpackage and Assigned To]. Under the filters, you could choose the filters you need and leave the unwanted ones as such. By default, the status filter will be “New and Active,” and the concerned items will be listed.


2. Time frame:

[Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month]. All the work items coming under the above respective filter can be viewed, if they are chosen.


Use Case: Overdue items – Month

It is based on whether tomorrow’s date (April 23, 2023) comes within the duration of that task. The duration of the task is showcased using Planned From (April 18, 2023) and Planned To (April 21, 2023). KTern suggests to the user that they have reached their overdue date for these lists of workitems and they’re not eligible to work on this task for this month.


Based on the above two use cases, it’s obvious that the user is having the advantage of applying two unique filters with respect to the allotted period.

3. View/Hide Chart:

The analytical chart gives users an overview of their progress and the overdue ones, based on the filters applied.


4. Bulk Updating:

Check boxes are used for bulk editing. You could also search the work items by their title using the highlighted search bar.


Bulk Update icon - After choosing the check boxes, click the bulk update icon. The Bulk edit icon will be enabled once if you click a minimum of two check boxes for tasks. This helps the user in case they want to make the same change in multiple tasks, which would conserve time. To save the changes, press the update button.




5. Inline Editing:

To quickly update the status of tasks in KTern, users can use the inline editing feature instead of clicking on the ⓘ icon. This feature allows users to click the status of a task and directly change it to one of the available options: New, Active, Completed, or Approved.



This is used for tracking and managing issues related to a project on a daily basis, ensuring that assigned issues are resolved in a timely manner. Users can also track issue progress and receive notifications when an issue is updated or resolved.

The below image illustrates that users can select the columns they want to see, making it easy to view only the necessary information.


Here, a filter is applied to display only the issues that they have created, and to further refine the search based on the status of the issues. For example, as in the below case, the filter is set to display issues that have a status of “New” and “Resolved”.


Test Cases:

Test Cases helps the team members to manage and track test cases on a daily basis, ensuring that all necessary testing is completed and defects are identified and resolved. Teams can prioritize test cases according to their needs, making it easy to manage large testing efforts.


By filtering for overdue tasks with the status of “New” and “Active”, the user is able to easily identify and prioritize test cases that require immediate attention, leading to increased productivity and timely completion of test cases.


Signoffs allows users to manage and track approvals, ensuring that necessary stakeholders provide timely feedback. The feature provides a centralized view of all sign-off activities, making it easy to track progress and identify any issues.


The Levels of Approvers feature streamlines the approval process and involves all necessary stakeholders, thus helping the teams to manage their approval processes more. To make changes to a signoff item, click the ‘i’ icon located next to the item. This will open a form-like tab, as shown in the image below.


As shown in the image below, the Levels of Approvers feature in KTern allows the next level of approver to approve only after the Level 1 approver has completed their approval.


User Stories:

Here, KTern provides assistance in creating, managing, and prioritizing user stories for a project on a daily basis. This functionality allows teams to monitor progress, collaborate effectively, and ensure that they are meeting the needs of their customers or stakeholders. Users can apply filters based on their specific needs, as shown in the image below.



Users can utilize the risks section to identify potential risks, prioritize them based on severity using the impact score, facilitate collaboration, and track risk mitigation activities to ensure effective risk management throughout the project. The images below show the steps to apply filters.




In this section, users can view their own CTAs as well as CTAs created under other users' names. They can also check the status of these CTAs (Call to Actions), including the last-seen user. It provides a centralized location for monitoring progress and ensuring that critical tasks are completed on time.


If any CTAs are assigned to a user, KTern will automatically send an email notification to the respective user, as shown in the image below.


II. Recent activities in the project

In “My Workspace”, KTern captures and reveals the recent changes that have been made to any of the work items. To hide or expand the recent activity table, the user must click the expand icon in the right corner.


III. Upcoming/ Ongoing events

Under “My Workspace”, KTern shows the list of upcoming events scheduled for the concerned user who has been looped in. This suggestion for upcoming events helps the user remember the meeting they have to attend.


IV. Mentions

If any project user in KTern has tagged or mentioned a user’s name in any comments or discussion forum, that particular user will be getting a notification on the same under the Mentions section.