Creating a Task

To create a task in KTern.AI, perform the following operation:

  1. If you are logged in within a Project, you can see a plus icon on the top bar as shown below:

  1. Clicking on the plus icon, you will get the list of work item options – Task, Issue, Test Case and Event. Click on Task option.

  1. Clicking on ‘Task’ option, the drawer will be opened to create a task as shown below:

  1. You can see three tabs in the ‘Create New Task’ drawer. They are overview, stakeholder information and Planned vs Actual.

  1. Overview tab:

    1. Task title: Enter a task title. Task title can be short limited to 50 characters and non-ambiguous. This field is mandatory.
    2. Description: You can explain about the task in detail. This field is optional.
    3. Status: Select the status of the task 1. New: if the task is new and about to start 2. Active: if the task activity is started and processing 3. Completed: if the task activity is completed. 4. Approved: if the task is approved by the respective stakeholder. This field will be displayed based on the Project configuration (if you have enabled ‘work items to be approved by the stakeholder).
    4. Task type: Choose the task type from the options – Data, configuration, Development, Custom Code, Others. This field is optional. You can select multiple options.
    5. Parent Task: Choose the Parent task under which this new task is to be linked up with. You can search for the Task ID / Task title. Since KTern.AI follows strict Activate methodology, you require to link the new task with any of the activate tasks.
    6. Priority: Choose the priority of the task. This field is mandatory. We recommend choosing options based on the following scenarios:
      1. Least: If the task is ambiguous
      2. Low: If the task is unimportant, non-ambiguous and not urgent
      3. Medium: If the task is important and not urgent
      4. High: If the task is unimportant and urgent
      5. Critical: If the task is both important and urgent
  2. Stakeholder Information:

    1. On selecting the stakeholder information tab, you can see the following screen:

    2. Choose the main stakeholder who is responsible for the task completion using ‘Assigned to’ option.

    3. You can also select the other stakeholders who can contribute to completing this task using ‘Participants’ options. You can select multiple participants.

  3. Planned vs Actual

    1. On selecting the Planned vs Actual tab, you can see as shown below:

    2. Select the planned start date of the task. This field is mandatory.

    3. Only is the planned start date is selected, the planned end date field will be enabled. This field is also mandatory.

  4. On filling the fields, the Submit button on the top right corner will be enabled. You can click on Submit button to create a new task.

  5. If the task is created successfully, you can see the toaster below: