Project Launchpad

On successful creation of a new Project, the user will be landed up in Project Launchpad. Project Launchpad screen provides you the list of Projects in which you are a member of the Project. NOTE: The user must accept the invitation to see the Projects in Launchpad.

Once you login to KTern.AI, you’ll be taken to the Project Launchpad. A project launchpad is nothing but a repository of all projects that the user is a part of. You can create a new project for an S/4HANA Implementation, System Conversion, Selective Data Transition, SuccessFactors implementation or C4C implementation as well from this window. In addition, KTern can be used in the Run Mode of any project.

Project Launchpad provides the list of projects in card view and the basic information about the Project such as:

  1. Project ID
  2. Project Name
  3. Project Description
  4. System Integrator Name
  5. Project Progress Rate
  6. Quick Links to Project Dashboard, Tasks List, Issues List, Test Cases List

Each card containing the Project Information has a Launch button. Clicking on the Launch button, the user will be taken to the ‘My Workspace’ of the respective Project.