Project Launchpad

It’s time to start your project! You know what you need to do, and you have a team that is excited to start working. You want to set your team up for success, so let’s make sure your systems are ready to go.

My Projects

  1. Once you login, KTern will direct you to “Project Launchpad”. KTern will display all the project that you are part of, in the project launchpad.

  2. Click on the “Launch” option in the corresponding project, to access the respective project workspace.

The documentation in this section will help you configure KTern.AI for a new Digital Transformation project.

Your Project should be the hub of your Digital Transformation project in KTern.AI. When properly configured, KTern.AI helps your team members prioritize and organize work better, so they can spend more time developing great software instead of wrangling issues.

A project is simply a collection of work items (tasks, issues, test cases etc).