Digital Streams

KTern.AI has the following five Digital streams to ease your Digital Transformations:

Digital Maps - Automated Business Case Generation:

  1. Impact Assessment: Assessment of landscape, technical objects, interfaces, users, SAP Licenses.
  2. Fit Gap Wizards
  3. Risk Predictor
  4. TCO Estimator: Effort, Resource Estimation, Project Cost Estimation
  5. DX Roadmap Simulator
  6. Enterprise Structure Mining: Enterprise structure-oriented business process mining
  7. Business Case Builder: Business process assessment and generation of potential customer-specific S/4HANA business case.

Digital Projects – Smart Digital Transformation Projects Governance

  1. SAP Activate Bot: SAP Activate aligned project planning, execution & monitoring.
  2. Cutover Orchestrator: Go-Live driven orchestration of cutover activities, Risk insights and downtime prediction and Go-Live signoff wizard for stakeholders.
  3. Workflow Wizard
  4. Collaboration forum
  5. Audit Bots
  6. Smart Dashboards
  7. Timeline Simulator
  8. Team Management
  9. Project Control Centre: Project forecast and risk resolution insights
  10. Event Manager: Managing Remote Fit Gap Workshops, Remote UAT Workshops and Remote Change Management Training Workshops

Digital Labs - Autonomous Business Process Testing

  1. Business Test Console: Test scenario and case identification
  2. Test run Bots: Test case execution at the business process level and Go-Live driven testing. Continuous testing runs in parallel with the upgrades. Right scenario identification, dataset suggestions & execution.
  3. Test Scheduler
  4. Defect Governance: Issue tracking, training & collaboration
  5. Intelligent Test Reports
  6. HANAPedia – AI Engine: Self-learning ML modelled knowledge base engine providing insights on resolving defects and Defects prediction during cutover through simulation.

Digital Process - Automated Business Process Governance

  1. Global Scope Item Catalogue
  2. Process Orchestrator
  3. BPML Wizards
  4. Customization Console: Custom process profiling and adaptation recommendations
  5. Custom Code Remediation Wizard: Custom Object Adaptation
  6. Materiality Profiler: Value, volume & velocity-based enterprise process profiling.
  7. Training Academy
  8. Business Data Migration and Validation: Validation of master, transactional, customizing business data, reducing validation effort up to 90% and Integrity check and anomaly-mitigation suggestions.

Digital Mines - Automated Business and Management Consulting

  1. Business-Ops Cockpit
  2. Process Mining Wizards
  3. Process Simulator
  4. Digital Twin Builders
  5. ROI Estimator
  6. Process Optimizer: Materiality based business process optimization recommendations through S/4HANA value realization. Continuous business process optimization recommendations and Business potential enrichment on upgrade-cycles.
  7. CXEX Optimizer: User experience pilot suggestions through Fiori apps, Materiality based Fiori app activation, reducing effort up to 70%.