Process Impact

Gain productive visibility of your SAP BusinessOps

Simulate your business process changes and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automation

Process Impact

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View our G2 reviews

View our G2 reviews

The detailed analysis is very useful and then from the analysis it gives you the confidence in the estimates to for the project timeline and costs to upgrade the custom code.

Jim Williams

Tenthpin Management Consultants

First Solar
Value delivered

Deliver SAP releases faster with better security and collaboration in a single platform.

Everything you need to empower your teams with more meaningful conversations and deliver effortless customer support.


One Release Platform for all SAP Initiatives

Simplify your IT Landscape by eliminating disparate applications which you might use for project management, collaboration, testing and process optimization


Orchestrated Workflows, and Test Automation

Leverage new-gen screen-based testing and RPA-based testing bots built on SAP Business APIs to reduce manual effort and accelerate SAP releases


Highly Secured, Safe and Reliable Platform

Define, Model, Orchestrate and Automate your release process with KTern.AI's trusted platform certified by SAP Store.


Optimize your SAP Business Processes

Mine and optimize your existing business processes with the inbuilt SAP Tribal Knowledge Base engine which encompasses decades worth of SAP business expertise

Process Step Impact Results

Process Step Impact Results

Assess and forecast the impact of SAP software upgrades across complex, end-to-end process scenarios. This would eliminate the work of SAP ERP Manager, Department Heads, RPA Developers, Test Manager in understanding the impact of process steps, considering it ranges on an average of 1000+ steps in a typical enterprise.

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Process Step Impact Results
Impacted Business Users
Impacted Business Users

Impacted Business Users

Accelerate your SAP DevOps and mitigate risks with release simulation of process steps and impacted business users. This would simplify the work of SAP ERP Managers, Project Managers to orchestrate change management with workflow automation.

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Standard and Custom Impact

Standard and Custom Impact

Analyze the impact of standard and custom process scenarios with insights on root cause analysis of key process components affected by SAP transports. This would simplify the work of SAP Business Heads, Business Users, RPA Developers, ABAP Developers to understand the change impact of business processes.

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Standard and Custom Impact

Experience Connective Automation

Accelerate release timelines, reduce risk, and increase efficiency with trusted automation.

Release Velocity+75%


Automation bots

Cost savings+60%


Happy Customers

Cut on costs-60%


Transport Requests analyzed

Maximize Release Productivity1x


Release Intelligent bots
Latest Feature Improvements

Optimized SAP Operations

Digital Mines offers process impact simulation features to simplify and streamline your greenfield implementation, system conversion, selective data transition projects, here's a few -

Process Tools Integration

Assess and forecast the impact of SAP software upgrades across complex, end-to-end process scenario

Benefit from the native integration of process change impact results with Digital Process of KTern.AI for process intelligence. In addition, the integration with leading process intelligence and management tools is also available.

Process Tools Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any existing integaration of KTern with other testing platforms?
KTern works with many of the testing platforms which works closely with SAP and one of the notable mentions would be UiPath for the Change Impact Analysis and Solution Manager 7.2
Does KTern requires any third party installation for connecting to a SAP system?
As KTern is a non-invasive platform. KTern connects to an SAP System through the RFC SDK available as part of all SAP NetWeaver systems. The Connection involves connecting KTern through the RFC Layer of the SAP System. SAP's Standard RFCs and BAPIs are used in performing the analysis. There's no need for any external probe or Business configuration sets that need to be installed into the system.
What are the roles of the digital bots ?
KTern's Digital bots have the capability of simulating all the cases from the project governance to the landscape assessment and testing to understand the impact of these on the Live project.
How does KTern take care of the landscape during continuous optimization and catering to business needs ?
The Digital Mines stream of KTern helps the project to be more continous even after Go-Live phase, The platform releases Digital bots which takes care of the impact cases and the optimization for better and efficient management of the project.

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