Process Modelling

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Process Modelling

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View our G2 reviews

View our G2 reviews

I appreciate all the intuitive functionalities that allow me and my team to run fast the conversion for project in new S/4HANA. this is important also for customers that can understand immediately how many advantages they could have to use the suite of KTern and how it can improve the management of the system.

Vittoria Pibia

Senior Consultant - Metisoft

Intuitive Surgicals
Value delivered

Transform operations & drive automation for rapid business gains

Coordinate tasks, keep track of work and ensure rapid accountability & collaborative process governance.


Ready to configure

Easily configure & trigger workflows for collaborative improvement of business processes


Quality results

Ensure consistent, high-quality results by reducing variations in how work is done


Intelligent Optimization

Mine and optimize your existing business processes with the inbuilt SAP Tribal Knowledge Base engine


Optimize your SAP Business Processes

Optimize your SAP Business Processes

End-to-End Digital Flows

End-to-End Digital Flows

Visualize process reality with digitally connected process models. This would simplify the work of SAP Process Owners, Business SMEs, Functional Consultants, Architects for an effective planning, implementation and maintenance of business operations.

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End-to-End Digital Flows
Process Flow Definition
Process Flow Definition

Process Flow Definition

Build the process models with user-friendly toolkits that comprises all the intuitive options to create the digital footprint.

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Process Model Recommendations

Process Model Recommendations

Benefit from the in-built process model suggestions based on the defined scope items, that would eliminate the extensive efforts required to design the flows from the start.

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Process Model Recommendations

Maximize Process Productivity

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter

Improve Process Quality1x


Processes analyzed

Cut on costs-60%


Happy Customers

Maximize Process Productivity1x


Process Automation bots

Time savings+60%


Process KPIs
Latest Feature Improvements

Streamlined SAP Orchestration

Digital Process offers process modeling features to simplify and streamline your greenfield implementation, system conversion, selective data transition projects, here's a few -

Process Model Toolkit

Design with various readily available options as per industry standards.

Design with various readily available options as per industry standards. The features are also equally intuitive and user-friendly to build the process models.

Process Model Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KTern provide any level mapping, based on the business process?

Yes, KTern follows a bottom up approach with regards to the different levels of business processes. The level mapping follows a business end to end hierarchy: L1 level : Line of business L2 level : Process Group L3 level : Scope Item L4 level : Scope item Variant L5 level : Process Step L6 level : Activity

How does KTern perform Process suggestion and Business roles mapping?
KTern.AI being a cognitive platform is aware of different processes on how they are being utilized and executed for a connected system, The platform perform an indicative analysis and classification against the entire process universe that is available as part of SAP and based on that, the global scope items are recommended by the platform. The platform is data driven with respective to the business processes. The Related business roles are obtained against the SAP Definition of the Business Processes
Can the platform link between a project and a process plan?
Yes, KTern allows the user to link the project and process plan using the clone & create feature.
Does KTern provides 100% custom code remediation?
KTern as a platform is semi-automated which helps to automate and govern the digital transformation of the SAP processes, As of now the Platform provides approximately 40% remediation, KTern is working towards complete automation with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation.

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