What is KTern.AI and why should I use it?

KTern.AI is an automated Digital Workplace for your SAP Digital Transformations. It takes care of the people, projects and processes at a business and drives business productivity for the complete SAP ecosystem.
You can use KTern.AI to automate and manage your SAP Digital Transformation projects using it’s five digital streams – Digital Maps, Digital Labs, Digital Mines, Digital Projects, and Digital Process.
For more information, see https://help.ktern.com/docs/automated-dt-workplace

How do I connect my SAP system to KTern.AI?

You can connect your SAP system to KTern.AI by downloading the “KTern Connector” and installing the application. After installation, select your system and enter your SAP GUI credentials to connect the SAP system to KTern.AI.
For more detailed step-by-step instructions, Download our user guide

What are the activities that I can perform using KTern.AI during an SAP Digital Transformation?

You can accomplish your IT roadmap towards ERP Transformation using the following capabilities of KTern.AI:

  1. Automated simulation of processes and projects using 'Digital Maps'
  2. Automated enterprise project orchestration using 'Digital Projects'
  3. Automated SAP specific business testing using 'Digital Labs'
  4. Automated business process governance using 'Digital Process'
  5. Automated business and management consulting using 'Digital Mines'

Does KTern.AI perform the actual data migration during an SAP S/4HANA transformation?

KTern.AI automates and governs the activities surrounding an SAP S/4HANA transformation. However, the actual data migration is performed by the Software Update Manager (SUM) tool of SAP.

What are the various scenarios of SAP Transformation that is supported by KTern.AI?

The digital adoption platform of KTern.AI is focused for ERP transformation with its ready-to-use automation features for project execution and business operations. The move to S/4HANA digital core is governed by KTern.AI for the following scenarios:

  1. System conversion
  2. New implementation
  3. Landscape consolidation
  4. Selective data transition

Is KTern.AI approved by SAP?

KTern.AI is approved by SAP and is listed in the SAP AppCenter of SAP Store. It is also an SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution, positioned as an accelerator of the global S/4HANA Move Program.
Link to the SAP AppCenter: Click here

How is KTern.AI licensed?

The number of KTern.AI licenses to be purchased for a product is based on the Number of SAP ERP Dialog Users in your SAP Landscape.