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SAP S/4HANA Finance is a robust solution powered by SAP HANA for the CFO office. It provides instant insights with on-the-fly analysis across practically all dimensions of financial data. In addition, the new HANA data model removes system limitations linked to data aggregation. Want to learn more about the new changes introduced by SAP S/4HANA Finance?

Tune in to this on-demand webinar presented by Rengaswamy where he explains the technicalities of SAP S/4HANA Finance and the business impact.

You will get the answers to:
  • What are the technical changes between SAP ECC Finance and SAP S/HANA Finance?
  • Will there be any functional impacts due to the technical changes?
  • How should I achieve a soft close with SAP S/4HANA innovations?
  • What is continuous accounting with SAP S/4HANA Universal journal?

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Event Speakers

Rengaswamy Thittai

Rengaswamy Thittai
SAP S/4HANA Solution Architect

After 25+ years as a chartered accountant and cost accountant, Renga shifted his attention to SAP Finance and has excelled at it for 14+ years and counting. He has worked on Finance and Accounts, Financial Management, Cost and Management accounting, Direct and Indirect Taxation, and Statutory and Internal Audits during the 25+ years he has spent handling finance. Armed with SAP, he has handled over 40+ SAP Finance projects and has in-depth experience with SAP program management, project management, governance, and solution architectures with standard & custom SAP applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is SAP really stopping support for SAP ECC?
Yes. With SAP S/4HANA taking center-stage and capturing the highly competed ERP Market, SAP is ready to move on from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA as the primary enterprise segment ERP offering.

2. When is SAP stopping mainstream support for SAP ECC?
SAP is taking a periodic approach over five years to stop mainstream support for SAP ECC. This is based on the database the SAP ERP is running on.To know more, send an email toggle

3. Who should watch this webinar?
Anyone involved with SAP who wish to learn more about SAP S/4HANA can attend this webinar. It will especially be beneficial for CXOs, IT Directors/Managers, SAP Project Managers, and SAP Basis Consultants.

4. Is this webinar free of cost? How do I join the webinar?
Yes. No hidden charges are involved. After you register using the form given above to express your interest to attend this webinar, you'll receive the GoToWebinar Link to join the webinar by e-mail and as a calendar invite.

Realize Real-Time Financial Closures with S/4HANA Innovations