Custom Objects Assessment before migrating to S/4HANA

Digital Process Mar 7, 2022

Every organization is unique and has its own business process. SAP’s standard software cannot cover all the business processes completely. Therefore, to meet the individual requirements of organizations, the standard SAP software is customized or adapted to suit the business needs. You can enhance SAP’s standard software through custom objects.

In this article we are going to discuss about assessment of Custom Objects prior to S/4HANA Migration.

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SAP S/4HANA Benefits

  • It is a flexible, cloud-based architecture that can be scaled up or down without much difficulty to accommodate shifting business needs.
  • It also offers a huge selection of services and applications.

KTern’s Custom Objects Assessment

What will happen to these customizations when you migrate from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA? KTern performs the Custom Objects Assessment precisely to find out this information.

KTern automates the process of SAP custom object analytics. As a result, this section gives you an analytical view of the custom objects present in the system. After connecting an ECC system, KTern runs the custom object analytics check and determines the custom objects present in a system. You can gain analytical insights on the following:

  1. Most relevant Custom packages with respect to the number of objects
  2. Frequently used custom transactions/reports
  3. Top x custom object stakeholders
  4. Top x custom object types
  5. Top SAP Reference Notes for impacted cases
  6. Change of existing functionality, and much more

KTern also provides a summary of the Enhancements and Modifications that are going to be impacted during the transition from ECC to S/4HANA.

The Difference between Enhancement and Modification in SAP

  1. Enhancement in SAP is adding or modifying the logic of SAP standard program without modifying the standard object. It consists of customer exit, Business transaction event (BTE) and Business add-ins (BADI).
  2. Modification in SAP is adding or modifying the logic of standard program by modifying SAP standard object.

Enhancement in SAP 

Modification in SAP 

Adding or modifying the logic of SAP standard program

Adding or modifying the logic of standard program
Without modifies the standard object With modifies the SAP standard object


Another fascinating feature of KTern’s Custom Objects Assessment is that is gives a summary of all the impacted cases as well as the optimization cases based on the level of impact – High impact, Medium impact and Low impact. This will help you to prioritize the highly impacted custom objects first.

Inferences from Custom Objects Assessment

1.KTern provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of each impacted custom program and custom object.

2.Based on the information provided by KTern, you can plan your SAP S/4HANA Migration with confidence.

3.You can easily estimate the required amount of time and effort for the conversion, the number of resources required, the number of mock-conversion runs to be planned etc.

4.You can prioritize your custom code remediation.

5.The high frequency, high impact score custom code and objects can be remediated first.

6.You can also archive certain unused custom objects after evaluating its functional importance and taking a call with the business stakeholders.

Custom Objects assessment - KTern.AI

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