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Add ‘Digital Maps’ and Multiply Profitability​

Automated Business Case Generation​

  • SAP Assessment bots​
  • Project, test, process maps​
  • Fit-gap wizards​
  • Risk predictor​
  • TCO estimator​
  • Optimal business case generator​
  • Digital Transformation roadmap simulator​

Add ‘Digital Projects’ and Multiply Transparency​

Automated Enterprise Project Execution​

  • SAP Activate bot​
  • Cutover orchestrator​
  • Workflow wizard​
  • Timeline simulator​
  • Collaboration forum​
  • Audit bots​
  • Smart dashboards​
KTern - Roadmap Guide Image
KTern - Effort Estimation Image

Add ‘Digital Labs’ and Multiply Rapidity​

Automated SAP Testing​

  • Autonomous business test console​
  • SAP test case finder​
  • Test run bots​
  • Scheduler cockpit​
  • Business test catalogue
  • Defect wizards​
  • Intelligent reports

Add ‘Digital Process’ and Multiply Efficiency​

Automated Business Process Governance​

  • SAP Scope Item bots​
  • Process orchestrator​
  • BPML wizards​
  • Customization console
  • Custom code remediation wizard
  • Materiality engine​
  • Training academy​
KTern - Project Management Image
KTern - Project Management Image

Add ‘Digital Mines’ and Multiply Productivity​

Automated Business Consulting​

  • SAP Business-Ops cockpit​
  • Process mining wizards​
  • Simulator bots​
  • Digital Twin builders
  • ROI estimator
  • Process optimizers​
  • CXEX optimizers​

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