Benefits of a Digital Transformation Platform

DXaaS Mar 30, 2024


The term Digital Transformation' finds its place in almost every board room discussion and has become a sort of aspirational cliche for new-age companies. And not without reason. Digital Transformation has the potential to increase the competitiveness of a business and enhance customer experience.

But with digital disruptions happening in almost every facet of society, there has been a rapid acceleration, and businesses are being forced to transform faster. Therefore, success in transformation is of utmost cruciality; failure is no longer an option.

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Digital Transformation as a Service (DXaaS) :

Over the last few years, most companies have undergone or initiated a digital transformation initiative, and the Covid-19 Pandemic has only accelerated this transformation. According to a report by McKinsey, Companies have accelerated digitization by three to four years to meet the new demands the pandemic has bought with it.

Despite this acceleration and more companies embracing digital transformation, not all these companies succeed in their initiative. Only about 30% of these companies succeed in their transformation. Moreover, those companies that do succeed are often left with huge silos of data that doesn’t address today’s digital needs.

Digital Transformation as a service (DXaaS) is designed to address the transforming industry by nurturing an environment that

  • promotes continuous transformation
  • provides a flexible model that allows you to scale and respond to growing business needs as and when they arise.

Benefits of a DXaaS

One Goal. One Unit.

Many business service providers, technology providers and hardware providers are involved in a Transformation initiative; the DXaaS platform must bring together these stakeholders and facilitate a continuous transformation while constantly adapting to the Changing Business Environment.

Scalability & Cost Effectiveness

DXaaS eliminates the huge upfront Investment requirement that hinders an organization's digital transformation initiative through its Value-based Subscription Models. The subscription model allows your organization to start with its digital transformation initiative almost immediately and can be scaled up or down depending on the evolving needs.

End-to-End Solutions

A good DXaaS solution goes above and beyond to facilitate any digital transformation initiative to its entirety, starting with strategic planning among the different stakeholders and going through multiple phases before the initiative can be taken live and implemented.

In addition, DXaaS promotes automation and governance during the entire digital transformation program. Once the transformation is completed, DXaaS would help to establish a model where you can continually analyze and improve existing processes in a reiterative manner.


Any Migration or transformation initiative leaves behind redundant data which is not scalable or adaptable to the new environment. To avoid this and embrace the existing data, the DXaaS provides you with a pipeline framework through which you must pass the data. The pipeline facilitates the entire lifecycle starting with mining and discovering the existing data, followed by collection and cleansing the unnecessary processes that are to become void with the migration and finally visualizing and reporting. Thus, Ensuring a seamless flow of data from the Existing to the newly Migrated version.

Cultural Shift

“Organizations that Embrace the Cultural shift that accompanies any digital transformation initiative are 2.5 more times more likely to succeed in the initiative.”

DXaaS considers the cultural shift and encourages a strong agile, experimental, Risk-taking culture that is consistently backed by analytics and data which, focuses on week-based Planning rather than Multiyear planning.

Promoting week-based planning allows your organizations to constantly reprioritize and address business needs that need to be addressed immediately as and when they arise.

Integrity and Harmony

The different systems, functional units and business units are unified, giving rise to business processes that are continuously monitored autonomously through preconfigured bots and constantly offering suggestions, ensuring you are continuously moving in a path toward sustained success.


KTern.AI is a DXaaS (Digital Transformation as a Service) suite With a fundamental rethinking of business models and enterprise operations, that will assist in identifying new strategies for delivering value, generating revenue, and enhancing efficiency in order to automate Digital Transformations.

The purpose of KTern.AI is to manage the people, projects, and business processes at an organisation. Through its seamless DXaaS, it also boosts the productivity of customers, partners, and system integrators (Digital Transformation as a Service).

With its tribal knowledge and intelligence fueled by data, KTern.AI manages the entire digital transformation as an enterprise product suite. Its remote digital workplace ensures continuity and boosts business and project productivity.

The 5 Streams of Ktern.AI

With 12 integrated modules, KTern.AI is an All-in-One Digital Workplace for SAP Projects that aims to completely automate and manage SAP S/4HANA Migrations.

Navigating to the Module Kernel from the left panel, you’ll be able to access the five Digital Streams of KTern.

  • Automated simulation of processes and projects using KTern.AI 'Digital Maps'
  • Automated enterprise project orchestration using KTern.AI 'Digital Projects'
  • Automated SAP specific business testing using KTern.AI 'Digital Labs'
  • Automated business process governance using KTern.AI 'Digital Process'
  • Automated business and management consulting using KTern.AI 'Digital Mines'

Digital Maps

KTern.AI Digital Maps comprehensively study an existing SAP System and determine the functional, technical, and business impact of an SAP Digital Transformation.

Digital Maps has five sub-parts:

  1. Landscape Assessment
  2. Business Process Assessment
  3. Custom Objects Assessment
  4. Business Transformation Assessment
  5. Timeline Assessment

Digital Projects

KTern.AI Digital Projects is the underlying framework which orchestrates collaborative engagement, enables on-time phase closures, ensures knowledge transfer and change management of all the digital transformation stakeholders – customers, partners, system integrators & SAP. The KTern.AI enterprise product suite drives productivity for the businesses and projects on a larger scale in one digital platform.

To gain ultimate control of your SAP Digital Transformation through a unified cognitive digital workplace which promotes real-time collaboration, rigid governance, and automated sign-offs.

Stakeholders involved

  1. Customer project execution stakeholders– CEO, Director, Project Sponsor, Project Manager, IT Manager, IT Department Head, IT Consultant, Infra & Network Engineer, Tester, Business SME
  2. SAP System Integrator stakeholders – PMO Head, Practice Head, Project Manager, IT Manager, Solution Architect, Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant, Infra & Network Engineer, Test Manager, Test Engineer
  3. SAP & partner engagement stakeholders – Support Team, Product Engineering Team, Regional Sales Executives

Digital Process

KTern.AI Digital Process achieve business process control and visibility which enables integrity between business processes and project tasks.

The major features of KTern’s Digital Process are

  1. Streamlined tracking and monitoring of Business Process activation, implementation, and orchestration of the enterprise operations
  2. Analytical wizards for custom process profiling by objects, stakeholders, application, scope of optimization, impact and custom to standard process adaptation insights in S/4HANA
  3. Automated custom code remediation for pre-defined S/4HANA simplification scenarios with auto-learning potential of manual code correction
  4. Enablement advisory with automated training scenario and stakeholder recommendations in view of the process transformation

Digital Labs

KTern.AI Digital Labs automate all aspects of SAP Testing – Test Preparation, Test Execution, Test Documentation, Test Monitoring, Test Sign-off, and end-to-end Test Management

Some of the prominent features of KTern’s Digital Labs include:

  1. Built on SAP’s Activate framework, specifically for SAP transformation projects
  2. An in-built AI based S/4HANAPEDIA rule engine
  3. Value, Volume and Velocity (VVV) based auto test case recommendations
  4. Auto test case executions and defects repository
  5. API-based and screen recorder- based (readable scriptless test cases captured in real time) testing

Digital Mines

KTern.AI Digital mine, mines the existing business processes, identify areas of potential optimization, and analyze the impact of change on processes and test during each Release

Orchestrate Transformations | KTern.AI's DXaaS Workshop

KTern.AI Modules serves as the foundational framework that controls change and ensures knowledge transfer for all parties involved in the digital transformation, including SAP, clients, partners, system integrators, and partners.

Next Step

KTern.AI has been one of the earliest evangelists of Digital Transformation as a service (DXaaS) and has designed an automation platform tailor-made for the SAP Community.

Contact us to learn more about KTern and explore potential use cases.


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