How To Ace SAP Activate with KTern.AI Digital Transformation Platform

Sep 17, 2022

The SAP Activate Framework is a set of best practices that helps organizations implement a range of SAP solutions. Let’s take a took at how SAP Activate helps in SAP S/4HANA Transformation and how you can leverage KTern.AI to accelerate your SAP S/4HANA Transformations


Build A Business Case For Your S/4HANA Transformation

  • Analyze As-is Processes and Process Variants with SAP Process Insights and Digital Maps of KTern.AI
  • Review and Understand the current state of business and plan the process architecture of the future
  • Build a high-level business case document with insights on Risks, Change, Stakeholders, Effort etc.


Project Planning and Preparation to support the Business Case

  • Define a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that allows clear tracking of the transformation plan
  • Personalize the SAP Activate Framework to fit the business needs
  • Adhere to the SAP Best Practices and create process models with industry benchmarks for the business to consume.


Process Design and Requirements from the business

  • Model and Design the TO-BE Architecture based on the SAP Best Practices
  • Understand the Business Requirements for detailed Fit To Gap Analysis along with Backlog Prioritization
  • Start the preparation of Data Migration, Testing, Training and Cutover Planning for seamless go-live


Process Implementation and Core Configuration Activities with Testing

  • Configure Business Processes and prepare for solution walkthrough workshops with the business stakeholders
  • Build customizations and execute testing across business processes
  • Enable and train users to adopt the new landscape with training and change management controls


Cutover Preparation and Go Live Readiness for the business to go live

  • Approve and Sign Off on Key deliverables for the system go-live.
  • Granular Cutover activity list that allows control over the downtime and system readiness.
  • Knowledge Transfer and enablement on the processes and the new system with continuous learning frameworks


Continuous Process Improvement with Agile Delivery

  • Continuous Change Impact Analysis for process improvement and control
  • Agile SAP Landscape setup with insights on process impacts and scope of testing
  • Monitor performance of new processes with SAP Business Process Intelligence

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Vignesh Barani S

Vignesh is the Head of Product @ KTern.AI who deals with the engineering of features and deals with functionalities for solving transformation-related problems.

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