Key Steps in your S/4HANA Transformation Planning

Sep 18, 2022

Deep-dive on the SAP transformation journey and focus more on how to start and prepare the baseline before embarking on the journey. We can also call this to be Pre-Discover phase, where we set up the required baselines in order to achieve the transformation goals be it Greenfield Implementation or Brownfield Conversion.

Key Phases of SAP S/4HANA Transformation

  • Business Case and Planning
  • Project Design
  • Build and Test
  • Strategy and Plan
  • Change Monitoring

Business Case Planning

Evaluate possible S/4HANA Transition scenarios and approaches based on Business Strategy, Current SAP Landscape, Time To Value and Architectural Impact.

  1. The Greenfield Approach
  2. The Brownfield Approach
  3. Hybrid Approach

Project Design

Identify the current state of the landscape with an analysis of the current business processes, usage of the system.

Understand the business benefits of SAP S/4HANA to the current business and plan the To-Be Process Architecture.

  • Landscape Assessment
  • Process Assessment
  • Customizations
  • Timeline Assessment
  • Stakeholder Analysis

Build and Test

Define the To Be Process Architecture by performing Fit to Gap Analysis and compatibility of the existing processes.

Identify key performance improvements and metrics by :

  • Technical Impact Analysis. Eg. Custom Code Impact Analysis
  • Functional Impact Analysis. Eg. Simplification items
  • Interface Analysis

Strategy and Plan

Build the roadmap, transformation approach, business case document, and cutover strategy.

This plays a key role in setting the stage with businesses on immediate drivers and benefits.

This includes definition of :

  • Project Roadmap
  • Process Roadmap
  • Cutover Plan
  • SAP Activate Plan

Change Monitoring

Implement and Manage SAP Change with governance and impact analysis.

Build a change management board to drive change strategy and control.

  • Managing Changes to the landscapes
  • Monitor Mission Critical Application Changes
  • Build change impact analysis to run the business as usual

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Vignesh Barani S

Vignesh is the Head of Product @ KTern.AI who deals with the engineering of features and deals with functionalities for solving transformation-related problems.