Build, extend, integrate, and market your DXaaS solutions with KTern.AI

Get enabled to harness your intellectual property and rapidly take it to market to enable our mutual customers to deliver IT projects with the highest quality, lowest cost, and least possible risk.

Why build DXaaS solutions with KTern.AI?

A Unified Marketplace Platform

Redefine how customers operate by leveraging KTern.AI's DXaaS Store that accelerates their Digital Transformation initiative and enables the extension and integration of SAP data domains, solutions, and processes.

Leverage the Power of KTern.AI's seamless integration

DXaaS market leaders help KTern.AI experts create end-to-end solutions that support best-of-breed applications and increase value for our mutual customers.

Combined Go-to-market and resources

Develop an impactful GTM strategy with app certification, broad commercialization options, go-to-market services, and exposure to over 440,000 SAP customers through SAP Store.

Building a World-Class Partner Network

Take your DXaaS solution to market via KTern.AI DXaaS Store

Build your own roadmap to accelerate innovation, engage with customers, and drive business growth – with KTern.AI at your side.



Formulate and design the DXaaS solutions that blend your expertise with KTern.AI and deliver on customer requirements.



Gain access to onboarding support, development resources, and enablement tools from KTern.AI to quickly build the DXaaS solutions that can help you achieve agility, business value, and innovation.



Accelerate your time to go to market for new channels, markets, and business models with branding, resources, and services from KTern.AI DXaaS Store.


FAQs about Technology Partnership

Who can become a KTern.AI Technology Partner?
Any legitimate business with a website and wish to apply to become a Technology partner, please fill out this Partner Program Registration Form. Our Partnerships team will review your application and reach out to you.
Is an agreement required to become a KTern.AI Technology Partner?

Yes, upon approval each Partner must sign a partnership agreement in order to officially join the KTern.AI Technology Partnership Program.

Does KTern.AI levy a membership charge on its partners?

No, KTern.AI does not levy a membership charge on its partners.

What are the organizations best suited to become KTern.AI Technology Partners?

Organizations that provide Digital Transformation consulting and support services, preferably in the SAP space, and understand the economics of selling SAP products, are best suited to become KTern.AI partners.

What are the prerequisites to get acquainted with KTern.AI products?
You can attend the basic and advanced product training sessions to learn about our products. You can also take a look at video tutorials, presentations, and other course materials to understand our product(s) better. You can access the resources here.
My business has a presence in multiple countries. Do I need to sign up for the Partner Program in each country?
No, you are not required to sign up separately for each country. Sign up once and our Partnership manager(s) will discuss the regions with you.

Apply now for the KTern.AI Technology Partnership Program

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