Custom Code Analysis

Gain confidence in planning your custom code migration

Understand your custom codes and benefit from continuous data-to-value insights with SAP DXaaS Automation

Custom Code Analysis

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View our G2 reviews

View our G2 reviews

The Business Process and Custom Code Analysis provided by KTern helps to identify and give insights into what we can expect in our digital transformation journey of S/4HANA implementation.

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Optimize your scope, timeline, and staff-hours based on your code.

Offers the right value with everything that’s required to Assess and Plan your SAP led digital transformations


Your Cyborg for SAP Transformations

Provides you the full scope of the impact S/4HANA has on your system and existing business processes


Reduce 85% of your Assessment efforts

See your SAP Transformation assessment results in just 48 hours faster


Run data driven assessments

Understand S/4HANA’s full business impact to foresee challenges, prioritize effort, and confidently


Know what expertise you need

See the detailed breakdown of effort allocation per activity, to accurately plan your resources Key

Custom Objects Profiling

Custom Objects Profiling

Analyze all the custom objects in your SAP ERP system, with insights on usage, with insights on business users of custom reports and transactions. This would simplify the work of SAP ABAP Consultants, Functional Consultants in comprehensively understanding all types of custom objects.

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Custom Objects Profiling
Custom Code Impact Analysis
Custom Code Impact Analysis

Custom Code Impact Analysis

Assess the custom code impact on moving to S/4HANA, with insights on impact - areas, objects, code line no, effort, level, SAP Note. This would greatly simplify the work of SAP Technical Consultants and Functional Consultants involved in custom code migration with rapid analysis of 300k+ SAP simplifications for latest version.

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Custom Code Optimization Analysis

Custom Code Optimization Analysis

Assess the custom code optimization scope of your SAP ERP system, with insights on optimization - areas, objects, effort, level. This would greatly simplify the work of SAP Technical Consultants and Functional Consultants for implementing the efficient use of custom reports and transactions.

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Custom Code Optimization Analysis

Transform your SAP Custom Code Adaptation process

Migrate your Custom Code with confidence in one SaaS platform

Migration Risks-80%


Custom Code Automation Bots

Project Time-60%


Project & Test Documents Automation

Project Budget-50%


Custom Code Remediation automated

Rapid discoveryAutomated

48 hrs

Fully automated Assessment
Latest Feature Improvements

Comprehensive SAP Assessment

Digital Maps offers custom objects assessment features to simplify and streamline your greenfield implementation, system conversion, selective data transition projects, here's a few -

S/4HANA Impact Areas

Foresee the impact areas in S/4HANA Migration

Assess the S/4HANA custom code impact in areas like field length extensions, problematic statements for result of SELECT/OPEN CURSOR without ORDER BY, search for usages of simplified objects, database operations, ABAP Dictionary enhancements, SAP queries.

S/4HANA Impact Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How does KTern deals with the impact of SAP code on custom objects?

Using the custom code impact analysis feature of KTern in SAP S/4HANA assessment, you can assess and analyze the syntactical change impact of all the custom Z tables, Z programs, and Z objects.

How does KTern manages the resources in the existing SAP ECC system?

The archiving recommendation feature present in KTern, helps in automatically analyzing the system and identifying the documents and custom programs which can be archived.

How does KTern takes care of the Custom Object Analysis?

KTern automates the process of SAP custom object analytics, After connecting an ECC system, KTern runs the custom object analytics check and determines the custom objects present in a system.

How does KTern connects to a SAP system?
KTern connects to an SAP System through the RFC SDK available as part of all SAP NetWeaver systems. The Connection involves connecting KTern through the RFC Layer of the SAP System. There's no need for any external probe or Business configuration sets that need to be installed
How does KTern ensures efficient transition of an ECC SAP system to a SAP S/4 HANA system?
KTern automatically analyses the system and identifies the documents, tables and custom programs which can be archived. The user can then archive these data to any other third-party storage database. In the case of S/4HANA system conversion,the user must analyse the existing SAP ERP users and their license types. KTern automates this process. It finds out the total number of SAP ERP users and also classifies them into active and inactive users based on their activity. As a result, this section gives the user an analytical view of all the users present in the system and helps the user to make the right decision with respect license purchase before moving to S/4HANA.

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