Digital Process

Drive your effective SAP process orchestration

with integrity & tribal knowledge base intelligence

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Digital Process
Why Digital Process?

Embrace automation driven productivity in your SAP process orchestration

Offers the right value with everything that’s required to Model and Orchestrate your SAP led digital transformations



Ensures integrity-led experience for SAP Customers, Partners, System Integrators


Remote Productivity

Orchestrates the process governance Digitally throughout its lifecycle



Leverages tribal knowledge base with data-driven, no-code agility



Ensures platform compliance to SAP standards, security & support


Trusted by the top companies

The only DXaaS platform that combines Digital Transformation Projects automation and governance.

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Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

Embrace your materiality driven SAP business process intelligence for the complete lifecycle of processes with wizards offering integrity led experience.

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Process Orchestration
SAP Scope Item Cockpit
SAP Scope Item Cockpit

SAP Scope Item Cockpit

Achieve business process intelligence and ensure standards with a cockpit to streamline the LoBs, process groups, scope items, process variants and process steps.

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Process Modeling

Process Modeling

Unify your enterprise operations by achieving a digital footprint of your business process models with user-friendly toolkits and flows.

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Process Modeling
Configurable Process Dashboard
Configurable Process Dashboard

Configurable Process Dashboard

Gain agility in your reporting with dynamic dashboards, that offers a 360-degree view of your SAP business process orchestrate with insights on deliverables and process owners.

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Custom Process Adaptation

Custom Process Adaptation

Drive your custom process adaptation with a cockpit to steer custom code migration and wizards to simplify custom code fixes with tribal knowledge base engine.

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Custom Process Adaptation

Available bots in Digital Process


SAP Enterprises fall in love with Digital Process

The intuitive user interface, standout functionality when compared to other process intelligence solutions. Extremely versatile vis-a-vis IT solutions for data extraction and automation of internal and external business functions.

Amanda Nelson

Business Process Owner from a US based Electrical Vehicle Manufacturing company

The detailed analysis is very useful and then from the analysis it gives you the confidence in the estimates to for the project timeline and costs to upgrade the custom code.

Jim Williams

Tenthpin Management Consultants

I appreciate all the intuitive functionalities that allow me and my team to run fast the conversion for project in new S/4HANA. this is important also for customers that can understand immediately how many advantages they could have to use the suite of KTern and how it can improve the management of the system.

Vittoria Pibia

Senior Consultant - Metisoft


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the KTern provide exclusive workspace for work-items status?
Yes, The platform provides the user the feature of having an exclusive workspace for each and every member of the team irrespective of the role known as "My workspace", This is the default landing page of any launched project. Furthermore KTern also provides a common KPI dashboard with entire project work-items analytics.
How many projects can a user be part of in KTern?
As a digitally cognitive remote workplace, KTern allows the user to be part of as many as projects the user is invited to, which implies it may be a single project or a string of 20 projects
Who can be part of the project in KTern?
Any user who is onboarded by the Project Management team and duly accepts the invitation can be part of a project in KTern.
What type of projects does KTern support?

KTern aims to automate and govern any SAP Digital transformation. Hence any project which follows the SAP activate methodology can be supported by KTern. These projects maybe : 1. Conversions 2. Greenfield 3. Rollouts 4. Support 5. Selective Data Transition

How is Digital Project different?
KTern.AI’s Digital Projects is the underlying framework which orchestrates collaborative engagement, enables on-time phase closures, ensures knowledge transfer and change management of all the digital transformation stakeholders – customers, partners, system integrators & SAP. The KTern.AI enterprise product suite drives productivity for the businesses and projects on a larger scale in one digital platform.

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