A better way to run SAP projects. The new normal.


Lack of automation and governance over SAP transformation projects often leads to unrealistic deadlines, budget overruns, and poor go-lives.

A successful digital transformation requires close teamwork between your business and IT teams. But tight deadlines and budgetary constraints lead to a lack of communication and coordination. This can result in chaos and lower-than-expected returns on your investment.

KTern's Automation Platform for SAP Transformation teams provides the structure, communication tools, and MIS reporting needed to ensure on-budget transformations.

Our pre-built process maps help your business to quickly get started with best practices, while data intelligence provides insights into project health and success KPIs.

Exclusive ! You'd see Jan Musil enlightening us on the prominence of SAP Activate in Transformation Programs. And we'd have Ratnakumar sharing his thought leadership on SAP Activate driven Digital Workplace Automation.

Join us on the 28th of July at 11AM EST where Vignesh will showcase the industry's ONLY acceleration platform for SAP to design, execute and govern your SAP transformation.

At the end of this webinar, you will know how to:-

  • 1  Replace spreadsheets, databases, emails, and its manual effort to help your IT team consistently update project data
  • 2  Manage your entire SAP project portfolio from a single platform
  • 3  Maximize the performance and profitability of your SAP project delivery
  • 4  Optimize the support to PMO with real-time insights
  • 5  Reduce project scope creep to improve project success and speed up your Transformation
  • 6  Supervise the entire SAP digital transformation lifecycle from ideation to delivery
  • 7  Automate the creation of project plan and process plan



Jan Musil


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