KTern 101: Managing an S/4HANA Migration Project



The SAP Activate methodology decomposes the heavy S/4HANA migration project into six phases - Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and Run. The best practice is to adopt and abide by the SAP Activate methodology to manage an S/4HANA migration project. However, judging by the cost overruns and timeline deviations in many S/4HANA migration projects, project management is one area which is proving to be difficult.

Tune in to the webinar where we explain how KTern and its AI-driven "S/4HANAPEDIA" Rule Engine can govern your S/4HANA migration project from start to finish and ensure that you complete the migration at the right time with the right resources and the right costs.

You will learn

  • 1  Critical challenges in ECC to S/4HANA migration projects
  • 2  Why do we need a project management tool for S/4HANA migration?
  • 3  How can KTern govern and manage an S/4HANA migration?
  • 4  Comparison of KTern vs competitors

Your Panelists

Vignesh Barani

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