Reimagining SAP Project Management with Digital Projects



Your Digital Transformation journey is inefficient, risky, and NOT DIGITAL if you use Excel, JIRA, MS-Projects, or any generic tool for SAP Project Management & Delivery. They lack the relevant SAP Project Intelligence and Data Footprints of Journey Checkpoints, Knowledge Gatherings, Learnings, Takeaways, Future Innovation Strategies, and Business Pains. In addition, they are unable to provide rigidity and control to integrate and automate projects and processes.

Whether its a change request, EHP upgrade, S/4HANA migration, or Cloud Solution implementation - all SAP projects need something #DigitallySpecial that is cognitive & talks to your SAP systems for efficient and risk-free Digital Transformation.

Tune in to our webinar where we explore reimagining SAP project management with the #DigitallySpecial Digital Projects Platform tailor-made for SAP initiatives.

Here is what will be covered:

You will learn

  • 1  Why SAP projects have traditionally been a nightmare for stakeholders
  • 2  How SAP Projects unconsciously violate Best Practices due to Excel, Jira, and MS Projects
  • 3  How business process items go unnoticed in IT projects & how it could harm your business
  • 4  Deep Dive of the Digital Projects Platform cognitive of your SAP systems
  • 5  Live Tour of a #DigitallySpecial SAP Transformation Project
  • 6  Role of an AI-powered knowledge base in overcoming Skill & Knowledge bottlenecks

Your Panelists

Ratnakumar Nagarajan

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