Unleashing Change Impact Mining for SAP DevOps


We are in the decade of digital transformations, fueled by ERP and Technology platforms. Every SAP customer aspires to build an Intelligent Enterprise with connected people, processes & tools, enabled and driven by SAP partners and system integrators. This becomes a significant episode of this decade, considering the fact that 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches an SAP system. To recognize the importance of Intelligent Enterprise Operations with a focus on SAP DevOps, we are glad to host this webinar on ‘Unleashing change impact mining for SAP DevOps’ in alliance with our Global Technology Partner UiPath.​

Watch us and our partner UiPath to experience the product demo exclusively dedicated to the SAP fraternity. And get to embrace the integration of KTern.AI Autonomous Enterprise Release Impact and UiPath Test Manager for efficient, risk-free SAP testing. First-of-its-kind automation technology for streamlining and accelerating the SAP DevOps.

Here’s what will be covered

  • 1  Current State of SAP Change and Release Management
  • 2  Need for SAP Change Impact Mining
  • 3  How to achieve Intelligent SAP DevOps with UiPath and KTern.AI
  • 4  How to reduce the testing scope by over 74% ?
  • 5  How to achieve Risk free SAP Releases at reduced Cost & Time ?
  • 6  Live Product Demo showing Change Impact Mining in Action
  • 7  Free Webinar Goodies


Lev Kushnir

Vignesh Barani

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