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Digital Labs Jan 13, 2024

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What is SAP?

SAP is a software suite that provides business solutions. It's used by companies to help them manage their daily operations and processes.

SAP has been around for more than 30 years and has grown into one of the most popular business management systems in the world. The software includes a number of different modules that can be used to create all kinds of different solutions for organizations big and small.

SAP offers several different product lines that can be used to create custom solutions for specific needs. Some examples include sales, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise content management (ECM), and business intelligence (BI). The latest version is SAP S/4HANA.

Who is an SAP Tester?

SAP Testers are technical experts who use their knowledge and skills to test new or existing SAP products and services. They work hand-in-hand with developers and other stakeholders to identify bugs before they are released into production, which can save time, money and resources.

SAP Testers are highly skilled individuals who use their technical background and knowledge of the software to test and report on SAP applications. They are aware of all types of faults, bugs, errors, and problems that might occur in the application, and can be expected to find these issues quickly. In addition to this, they have a thorough understanding of how the system works and how it should function, which enables them to identify any issues that may arise throughout the testing process.

SAP Testers are often placed within different roles within an organisation. They may be responsible for performing testing duties or they may also work as part of a team of testers who help manage projects or ensure quality control throughout each phase of development.

Functions of an SAP Tester:

  • Use SAP to execute Manual test cases for User Acceptance, Functional, and Regression testing.
  • Use data in SAP to create contracts, customer accounts, and invoices.
  • Serve as go to person for creating and organizing test case suites.
  • Create and upload Manual test scripts.
  • Update test plans and test cases with feedback provided by Upper Management, Developers and Team Leads.
  • Attend daily defect report meetings and maintained accurate status of defects.
  • Assist in determining test case requirements for all phases of current project.

Challenges for an SAP Tester:

There are a lot of challenges that an SAP Tester might face on any given day. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • The first challenge for an SAP Tester is to be able to understand the product and its features.
  • The second challenge is to be able to identify issues and bugs in the system.
  • The third challenge is to report the issues correctly, so that the development team can fix them as quickly as possible.
  • The fourth challenge for an SAP Tester is to be able to use different tools and platforms in order to test different aspects of the product, such as application performance, security issues, etc., which makes testing more accurate and efficient.

Skills required for an SAP Tester:

The role of SAP Tester often requires an in-depth understanding of SAP architecture, processes and applications. This includes understanding how the development lifecycle works in terms of both requirements gathering (from business users) and development (from developers). SAP Testers must be able to communicate effectively with end users and internal clients about the functionality being developed for their projects, as well as what changes need to be made before release into production.

The skills required for an SAP Tester are a combination of technical and non-technical skills. In addition to being able to test the functionality of software applications, testers need to be able to communicate with their customers and deliver solutions that meet the needs of their clients.

The most important skill for a tester is communication skills. A tester needs to be able to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders in order to meet their goals. Testers also need excellent analytical skills as well as the ability to solve problems by using logic and reasoning.

The best parts of being an SAP Tester:

Most people think that the best part of being a tester is the pay. The truth is, it's not.

The best parts of being a tester are:

  • You get to find out about new software and how it works from the inside out.
  • You get to learn how to use new software and how it works from the inside out.
  • You get to see how other people think about testing, so you can develop your own way of thinking about testing.
  • You learn all sorts of tricks for finding bugs quickly and efficiently. You get paid well for doing this.
  • Testers are like detectives who investigate every possible angle before they make big decisions about whether or not something works properly or not. Sometimes they don't find any problems, but sometimes they do! And sometimes they find something unexpected, which is even better than finding no problems at all!
  • Whether it's traveling to meet with clients and their customers, or exploring the latest technology in other parts of the world, there are many opportunities for SAP Testers to do what they love. The next best part of being an SAP Tester is that you can work with other people who share your passion for testing.
  • Working with other testers helps you develop new skills and build relationships with people who can help you grow as a professional.

The worst parts of being an SAP Tester:

The worst parts of being an SAP Tester

  • You're always behind schedule.
  • You never get time to take a breather, even when you're just sitting around doing nothing.
  • You get assigned a task at the last minute, which means you have to jump into it immediately and try your best to get it done quickly. This is because your team needs to meet a deadline, so if you don't finish on time, you'll be penalized for it and your team will be penalized for that as well.
  • You spend most of your time on all kinds of boring tasks like data entry and testing things that aren't even relevant to the job you were hired for.
  • The work environment is not very friendly or comfortable to work in unless you have been there for a long time. You'll have people who are rude and mean-spirited towards each other, but they won't care because they've been with the company forever and so they don't care about newer employees either way (they might even bully them).

What is KTern.AI – DxaaS Automation Platform:

KTern is an automated digital workplace for SAP Digital Transformations. With decades worth of SAP Tribal knowledge combined with automation, governance and collaboration capabilities, KTern is built to help the existing ECC customers migrate to S/4HANA. KTern covers the entire lifecycle and guides you before, during and after the conversion. Its inbuilt S/4HANAPEDIA rule engine combined with several modules eases the transition from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA.

How does KTern work with SAP?

KTern works with SAP in several ways. It can help you optimize your SAP system performance. By monitoring your system performance and identifying areas where improvements can be made, KTern can help you get the most out of your SAP investment.

Then it helps you manage your SAP data. By collecting and storing data from your SAP system, KTern can provide you with valuable insights into how your system is being used. This information can help you make better decisions about how to use your SAP system going forward.

What are the benefits of using KTern with SAP?

KTern is an AI-powered software that makes it easy to use SAP. Ktern provides a number of benefits for users of SAP, including:

1. It helps you get started with using SAP quickly and easily.

2. Automates tasks within SAP, such as creating and updating data.

3. Saves time by automating repetitive tasks.

4. Provides insights into your data that you would not be able to obtain otherwise.

Overall, KTern can help make working with SAP easier and more efficient.

How KTern can make the role of an SAP Tester easier?

KTern strictly abides by SAP’s Activate framework. Hence, as the first step, in the Discover phase, KTern completely analyses the entire ECC landscape and auto-recommends the test cases and test scenarios. Based on the number of test cases and complexity of the system, KTern calculates the effort and timeline for the S/4HANA migration project.

Some of the prominent features of KTern’s Digital Labs include:

  1. Built on SAP’s Activate framework, specifically for SAP transformation projects
  2. An in-built AI based S/4HANAPEDIA rule engine
  3. Value, Volume and Velocity (VVV) based auto test case recommendations
  4. Auto test case executions and defects repository
  5. API-based and screen recorder- based (readable scriptless test cases captured in real time) testing
  6. Tightly integrated project management capabilities
  7. 30% - 40% reduction in total project cost and timeline

KTern.AI Digital Labs for SAP Testers

Digital Labs of KTern is tightly integrated with Digital Projects hub, which is the project management suite. Typically, the testers would be testing the various test cases on one side and the governance would take place via emails or chat or any other project management tool. The whole process was cumbersome and arduous for all the stakeholders involved. Therefore, KTern.AI Digital Labs was developed to execute, manage and collaborate all the testing related activities of an S/4HANA migration/upgrade project from a single place.

Test Repository

Govern your test plans, test scenarios, test cases with its scripts for a smart test management, that offers the robust digital workplace for the SAP testing.

Test Plans

With an intelligent test platform designed for change, you can ensure perfect SAP process performance. The library of test cases will make it easier for test managers, engineers, and testers to implement coordinated control over continuous testing.

Test Scenarios

Map the steps of your business process as scenarios to simplify the test governance process. To create end-to-end process testing, group your test cases and create scenarios.

Test Cases

Utilize test cases that include test scripts, evidence, and defects to test the key components of SAP. This includes scheduling the timeline and the stakeholders, tracking the status, wiki/notes capture, referencing sources, file management, and chat collaboration.

Test Scripts & Evidences

Streamline continuous testing with governance of your test scripts, evidences, defects and achieve stable captures in the world of SAP Fiori testing.

Test Scripts:

Create your test scripts using UI captures that are focused on stability. The task of creating digital scripts that include test steps, screenshots, actions, locators, and expected results will be made simpler for test engineers and IT consultants using KTern.AI.

Test Evidences

Create your test evidences based on the execution of test scripts. Validate and capture actual outcomes for test steps with test passed vs failed status. Generate defects for test evidences with failure occurrences at any part of the test step.

Test Defects

Test and create test defects to manage the complete lifecycle with issue wizards. Map the test defects to associated evidences for seamless integrity and assign resolution owners to fix the defects and be informed with notifications.

Test Reporting

Gain visibility of your SAP testing with auto-generated test reports, materiality insights, passed vs failed reports, defect resolution status and test stakeholders tracking.

Test Materiality

Ensure reliability in your testing of reference process items, prioritized by value, volume and velocity. This would simplify the work of Test Managers, Test Engineers, Business Heads to plan and monitor the test lifecycle with insightful reports.

Passed vs Failed Reports

Generate test outcomes with status to determine the reliability of software upgrades. Drive continuous testing in various timelines and benefit from outcome based insights and analytical dashboards.

Defect Resolution Status

Determine the status of defects created from test failures and associated with test evidences. Monitor the nature of defects, resource utilization and understand the nature of fixes with defects status in everyday issue tracker

Test Scenario Recommendations

Accelerate timelines and reduce efforts in test automation with data-driven test scenario recommendations, specific to the industry in a non-invasive approach.

Data-Driven Testing

Embrace intelligent test automation with identification of test scenarios, specific to the SAP landscape. This would simplify the work of Test Engineers, Testers, Test Managers, Business Users, IT Consultants, RPA Developers in understanding the business and orchestrate shift-left testing.

Accelerated Continuous Testing

Benefit from unified experience for continuous testing, that ensures rapid orchestration across the different phases of testing from discovery, preparation, execution, monitoring, management and UAT signoffs.

UAT signoffs

Orchestrate UAT signoffs for every release and Go-Live, to simplify the intricacies of a complex SAP ecosystem with automation driven workflows.

UAT SignOff Orchestration

Signoff the testing with intuitive features that help approve or reject based on review of signoff items built in a organized tree matrix. The signoff item has multi-level provisioning of orchestration of stakeholder approvals from stakeholders of SAP customers and system integrators.

UAT Reviews & Approvals

Review, approve or reject the test signoff items and steer a robust governance in order to overcome the challenges in conventional test management, that is always dealt with user negligence in the quality of functional testing across different Lines of Business.


If you've reached the end of this article, you must now be certain that KTern.AI is the best tool for SAP Testers, Test Engineers and Test Managers.

If you wish to know more about how KTern.AI helps an enterprise throughout the entire lifecycle of an SAP Project, then have a look at out articles repository.

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