Assessing the ECC System before Landscape Consolidation for a Building Products Manufacturer in the United States of America​

A leading building products manufacturer and their SAP system integrator chose KTern to complete a faster SAP S/4HANA Assessment and define a roadmap to achieve stress-free conversion from ECC to S/4HANA.

Industry Vertical

Engineering, Construction, and Operations

Products and Service

Building Products


United States of America

Source System



Oracle – 1173 GB

Number of Users


Company Codes


Custom Objects





Faster Assessment


Manual Effort


Reduction in Configuration Time


Improved Project Collaboration & Efficiency

The Situation

  1. With the ECC deadline set for 2025, the building products manufacturer decided to move to S/4HANA
  2. They felt that moving early would help to derive more benefits in the long term
  3. Building the business case was an easy process and they quickly got the management approval for the same
  4. As the next step, they wanted to build a safe and controlled roadmap for their transition to S/4HANA
  5. They understood that this required insights regarding the business and the “as-is” state of their ECC system.
  6. Estimations stated that it would take 25 man-days to complete their assessment manually and build their plan
  7. The search was on for automation driven assessments to reduce the cost, time and effort required
  8. After comparing multiple products and services, they finally chose KTern to fulfill their requirements

How did KTern help?

  1. KTern was connected to the SAP ECC sandbox system within 5 minutes with no configurations required
  2. An automated assessment report was generated to illustrate the technical, functional, and business process impact of moving from ECC to S/4HANA through a system conversion
  3. Auto-recommendations pertaining to testing strategy, landscape & infra, and data archiving were provided
  4. A S/4HANA conversion blueprint incorporating the right plan, the right effort, the right cost, the right system sizing, the right project management, and the right quality was auto-generated
  5. The complete assessment was completed in 4 days instead of 25 man-days

KTern-Driven Benefits

  1. “S/4HANAPEDIA” empowered project automation and governance
  2. Cost and effort savings due to reduced resource deployment
  3. Huge time savings due to the elimination of configurations and manual work
  4. Improved collaboration and efficiency among all project stakeholders
  5. One product to control the project from start to finish.