SAP Custom Code Analysis for a major Oil Processor and Distributor in the United States using KTern’s Digital Maps​

In order to optimize and improve the performance of the SAP Landscape, the oil and gas major chose KTern’s Digital Maps to perform the Custom Objects Analysis. The entire landscape consisting of 12 source systems was assessed ad recommendations and next actionable steps were provided.

Industry Vertical

Oil and Gas

Products and Services

Crude Oil Processing, Transportation & Marketing


United States of America

Number of Source Systems


Custom Objects


Custom Packages


3 Weeks

Time taken to complete the analysis​


Faster Project Kick-off​


Improved Project Collaboration & Efficiency​

Business Situation and Challenges​

  1. The customer was facing several process constraints with the antiquated SAP ECC system in place, which was highly inflexible in addressing their current business needs. Hence, they wanted to move to SAP S/4HANA to adapt and make full use of the new innovations. But, they had 12 source systems and a huge number of custom developments​
  2. Hence, they wanted to reflect on the current situation of custom code in their SAP landscape to get an impression of the efforts needed for the migration​
  3. They wanted to perform custom code retirement, custom code quality optimization, custom code process optimization, and the custom code impact analysis to refine the custom code strategy​

KTern’s Solution​

  1. KTern was connected to the customer’s SAP Landscape and an automated Custom Object Analysis was performed.​
  2. During the project, KTern analyzed the Coding practices​, Coding standards, Object type​ and usage​, Stakeholder identification​, and Code with optimization potential​ ​
  3. KTern found optimization opportunities for Table Operations​, Interfaces​, Inbound and Outbound Data Objects​, Table Access Checks​, Authorization Checks​, Nested Conditions​, Object Existence Checks​, Object Usage Checks​, and Active/Inactive checks​
  4. Finally, KTern provided analysis results and recommendations for a path forward to ‘fix’ and upgrade Custom Objects​

KTern-Driven Benefits​

  1. KTern provided​ the complete list of:​
  2. Custom objects by object type across all SAP modules with impact and severity​
  3. Custom objects by the user, frequency, and last date used​​​
  4. Outdated code and what it would look like after optimization/updating​​
  5. Priority ranking of objects to be remediated, based on usage​​
  6. Huge cost, time, and effort savings due to elimination of manual work and reduced resource deployment ​