KTern.AI Accessibility Policy

At KTern.AI, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical to our success.


KTern.AI's mission is to provide universal access to the DXaaS Platform. We are committed to maintaining access to our website and mobile applications to all of our learners, including those with disabilities.

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the world’s best DXaaS experience. This includes end-users of all abilities. We strive to ensure that the user experience on our platform is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

About Accessibility

Accessibility refers to the possibility for everyone, including people who are differently-abled, to access and use technology and information products. From an aging workforce to more than 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide (according to the World Health Organization), many people need accessible technologies.

Business enterprises have increasingly become aware of the requirements of people who need accessible technologies to contribute to a work environment. Accessibility is not only of social but also economic importance for the enterprise.

To foster a global culture of inclusion, we are strongly committed to respecting and protecting human rights throughout the lifecycle of our products and services: from design through development to use. Hence, our products are increasingly guided by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA, included in US Section 508, and the harmonized EN 301 549 including WCAG 2.1 Level AA.


To achieve our goal of accessibility for all end-users of KTern.AI, we are committed to the following:

  1. KTern.AI strives to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“WCAG”) 2.1 AA published by World Wide Web Consortium.

  2. We strive for accuracy and completeness.

  3. An independent accessibility consultant periodically reviews our platform. Potential accessibility issues are identified so that KTern.AI can address such issues and take any remedial actions deemed necessary.

  4. KTern.AI developers engage in training and projects relating to accessibility that both educate and improve the accessibility of our products as they are being developed.