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KTern.AI Digital Maps
Why Digital Maps?

Embrace automation driven productivity in your SAP assessments

Offers the right value with everything that’s required to Assess and Plan your SAP led digital transformations



Analyzes in an accelerated timeline of 2-5 days on an average



Presents 360-degree analysis of process, custom objects, landscape



Ensures platform compliance to SAP standards, security & support



Leverages techniques that is data-driven, no-code and non-invasive


Trusted by the top companies

The only DXaaS platform that combines Digital Transformation Projects automation and governance.

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Business Process Mining

Business Process Mining

Gain visibility of your business process with comprehensive profiling of business process, mining of enterprise structure, and evaluate the impact on moving to S/4HANA.

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Business Process Mining
Landscape Assessment
Landscape Assessment

Landscape Assessment

Ensure a better understanding of your SAP landscape, with interface review, user profiling, archiving recommendations and addon analysis.

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Custom Code Analysis

Custom Code Analysis

Go ahead with your custom code migration with confidence and clarity, with a deep-drive assessment of custom objects and the custom code impact on moving to S/4HANA.

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Custom Code Analysis
Transformation Insights
Transformation Insights

Transformation Insights

Embrace your RISE with SAP business transformation with process redefinition insights in line with the SAP Scope Items.

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Timeline & Effort Estimation

Timeline & Effort Estimation

Obtain a high level timeline of your S/4HANA transition based on 20+ assessment KPIs as well as the effort estimate from a SAP customer and SAP system integrator perspective.

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Timeline & Effort Estimation

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SAP Enterprises fall in love with Digital Maps

The Business Process and Custom Code Analysis provided by KTern helps to identify and give insights into what we can expect in our digital transformation journey of S/4HANA implementation.

Abhishek S

Project Manager at Kaar Technologies

If you are planning towards your journey on S/4HANA then you should start with Assessment driven by KTern. KTern platform will generate heatmap, Business Scenario reports, inventory of pains which will guide you on your path towards S/4HANA.

Param N

EVP - Sales at Kaar Technologies

The Technical Assessment of your system prior to the journey to S/4HANA is the best part of KTern application. It gives deep insight of your system with recommendations to be prepared for the transformation to S/4HANA.

Razibur R

Solution Architect at Berger Paints


Frequently Asked Questions

How does KTern connects to a SAP system?
KTern.AI connects to an SAP System through the RFC SDK available as part of all SAP NetWeaver systems. The Connection involves connecting KTern through the RFC Layer of the SAP System. There's no need for any external probe or Business configuration sets that need to be installed
How does KTern.AI ensures efficient transition of an ECC SAP system to a SAP S/4 HANA system?

KTern.AI automatically analyses the system and identifies the documents, tables and custom programs which can be archived. The user can then archive these data to any other third-party storage database. In the case of S/4HANA system conversion, the user must analyse the existing SAP ERP users and their license types.

KTern automates this process. It finds out the total number of SAP ERP users and also classifies them into active and inactive users based on their activity. As a result, this section gives the user an analytical view of all the users present in the system and helps the user to make the right decision with respect license purchase before moving to S/4HANA.

How does Digital Maps helps in system conversion from a SAP ECC system to SAP S/4HANA system?

Under KTern's Digital Maps stream, the platform conducts automated assessments on the existing system to help in understanding :

  1. The implications of the transitions
  2. Impact on custom codes & landscape
  3. SAP best practices & SAP model company
  4. Suggestions from S/4HANAPEDIA.AI
Does Digital Maps help in finding out the best business process modules of a SAP System?
KTern performs a materiality analysis of all the Functional Modules or the Lines of Business (LoBs) present in the system, it helps find out the heavily used modules and the rarely used modules in the existing Landscape as KTern gives a percentage relevancy based on the usage. Not only that, KTern identifies the key stakeholders / users associated with each module and the sub-processes present under each Line of Business.
What features does Digital maps offer to a SAP system conversion?

The platform performs assessments on the SAP system such as :
1. Landscape Assessment: gives detailed information on the type of SAP system connected to KTern. 2. Business Process Assessment: Understanding the business processes and how they get affected. 3. Custom Objects Assessment: Assess the customization of migration of ECC to S/4 Hana. 4. Business Transformation Assessment: KTern scans the entire ECC system and empowers customers with data and drives organizations to transform digitally. It provides the complete business process mapping at 6 levels. 5. Timeline Assessment: The Roadmap Guide module of KTern provides an automated high-level roadmap of the SAP S/4HANA system conversion process.

How is KTern's Maps executed?
The execution is done by running a sequence of scripts and Data mining which the KTern engine does with the target system being S/4HANA and the chosen S/4HANA Version.
Does the security assurances and compliances comes with a certification?
Yes, as KTern by itself is a Validated SAP Store partner which means the product has gone through the security compliance in terms of Data Extraction and Storage. The Data that gets analyzed are anonymized and encrypted while on transit to provide secure environment. The data is managed by physically encrypting the data on hyper-clouds, the data is anonymised, processed Data is taken from the System to help provide the results on the Dashboard
Does the platform support exports from SCMON?
Yes , the platform allows the user to upload the custom objects by exporting from SCMON.

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