Manage your SAP Digital Transformation effectively using KTern

This book provides the SAP professionals with concise, tried-and-true guidance for the successful SAP S/4HANA leveraged digital transformation of their business models, which in turn will increase the potential of their business model or their industry.

Moving to SAP S/4HANA is just the beginning of a huge Digital Transformation initiative. But, here’s an alarming stat. Four out of five Digital Transformation projects fail to reach their desired goal and a lot of time, money, and effort is wasted. Why do so many digital transformation projects perform dismally even after careful planning? Is it because the technology fails to deliver? Or are we expecting a lot from these projects?

Neither. A Digital Transformation project does not depend only on data and process flows. One of the critical factors for the success of any Digital Transformation project is the active collaboration of the stakeholders. Does a lot depend on whether a team member can connect with another member quickly? Can they see the context of a discussion that happened last week? Can they pull up the list of tasks assigned to everyone to see the progress of a project?

What you can find in this book: 1. A compact, tried-and-true aid for the digital transformation of your business model 2. Foundations for the digital transformation of business models 3. Selected examples of digital transformation 4. A selection of existing approaches to digital transformation 5. A Roadmap to the digital transformation of business models with activities, tools, and examples.

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