The ultimate guide to SAP S/4HANA testing using KTern.AI

This guide helps you to understand the best practices to be followed during SAP S/4HANA implementation and maintenance. It also throws light on the problems faced by the SAP testers and how KTern.AI helps them to overcome those problems.

Get to know the SAP-recommended S/4HANA testing processes! See who's involved in testing, what components you should test, and how to do the same. Then jump into writing and running actual tests. Explore the test pyramid, change impact analysis, the RACI matrix, and more. Streamline your processes to make testing projects painless!

In this guide, we share how KTern.AI can help an organization manage quality and begin testing the SAP S/4HANA business processes and the integrations they depend on earlier, continuously, and with greater test coverage.

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