Building a RISE with SAP S/4HANA Business Case for a Home Decor Products Manufacturer in USA ​

In order to improve and optimize business processes, the client wanted to migrate to a modern integrated business platform. Thanks to data-driven hyperautomation and workflow driven orchestration, the client chose KTern.AI to guide on their RISE with SAP cloud transformation.

Industry Vertical

Furniture Manufacturing


United States of America

Source System



SQL DB - 320 GB

SAP Users


SAP Functional modules


Custom Objects Size


Number of SAP Add-ons


Number of SAP Interfaces



faster assessment


manual effort


faster project kick-off


improved productivity

The Customer

The client is a family-owned and operated company that has been in business for over 50 years. They have a well-established reputation in the market for providing the best on-trend products at the right price while offering excellent quality, style, and functional furnishings for every room in the home. Currently using SAP ECC 6 EHP 6, they wanted to move, redefine their business process and transform with Intelligent Cloud ERP. The client had an extensive need to analyze their existing landscape, study the impact of moving to cloud, and generate the right transformation path with the right product offering from SAP. Indeed, their requirement was the preparation of a comprehensive business case with data-driven facts on their SAP centric digital transformation path.

After a detailed research, the ultimate choice of client to address their need was KTern.AI, a cognitive digital workplace built on the SAP Activate framework to automate and orchestrate digital transformation for enterprises.

KTern.AI was client's preference owing to its data-driven hyperautomation capabilities in end-to-end transformation cycles from assessment and planning to optimization and continuous improvements. The client adopted KTern.AI platform, thanks to its inbuilt automation offerings focused on RISE with SAP, no-code approach, integrity-led experience and tribal knowledge base intelligence.

Business Situation and Challenges

  1. The customer was facing several process constraints with the antiquated SAP ECC system in place, which was highly inflexible in addressing their current business needs
  2. The home furnishings manufacturer worked along with their system integrator to define the business case for the right move to SAP S/4HANA
  3. To build the best plan possible, they realized that a lot of insights on the “as-is” system was needed
  4. Estimates stated that it would take almost two months to complete and build a solid business case
  5. The search was on for automation driven assessments to reduce the cost, time and effort required

KTern.AI Solution

KTern.AI was connected to the client’s sandbox system and an automated assessment was run to illustrate technical, functional, and business process impact of moving from ECC to S/4HANA. The automation capabilities of KTern.AI included -

  1. Automated Landscape Assessment
  2. Automated Business Process Assessment
  3. Automated Custom Objects Assessment
  4. Automated Business Transformation Assessment
  5. Automated Roadmap, Timeline, and Effort Estimation

Upon KTern.AI data-driven assessment, the final business case was generated with recommendations to redefine the business process on moving to RISE with SAP S/4HANA cloud. Specific to the industry in line with the SAP best practices, the relevant process scope items and right transformation path was suggested by KTern.AI.

KTern.AI Benefits

  1. Cost and effort savings due to reduced resource deployment
  2. Huge time savings due to the elimination of configurations and manual work
  3. Improved collaboration and efficiency among all project stakeholders