Compliance Report - May 2022


KTern.AI recently obtained the Security compliance audit report from Briskinfosec Technology - a leading security firm, affiliated by National Cyber Safety and Security Standards. As mentioned in the security statement of KTern.AI, the regular third-party security audits assure our clients that their data is maintained in a secure and audited environment.

Audit Approach

KTern.AI Application Security Assessment was conducted using the gray-box approach in the real-time intruder perspective to identify the security vulnerabilities. which were exposed to authorized and unauthorized users. The Assessment confirms that the KTern.AI Digital Automation Platform is fully secured for use in enterprises with SAP integration and ensures data security and privacy. There are no critical and high vulnerabilities in the application and KTern.AI successfully complies with OWASP Top 10 Standards

The following vulnerability checks were tested and the above-mentioned firm certified that the KTern.AI complies with them.

  1. Broken access control
  2. Cryptographic failures
  3. Injections
  4. Insecure Design
  5. Security misconfigurations
  6. Software and data integrity failures

Access Certificate

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to access the security compliance certificate issued by the Briskinfosec Technology Pvt. Ltd, affiliated by National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.