Support Policy at KTern.AI

Get help with KTern.AI products and services

Here at KTern.AI, we do more than crafting software that solves your business problems. With our dedicated customer success team, we put equal effort into helping your business adapt our products to reach your goals. Our Customer Success staff are diligent in recognizing issues, resolving them proactively, and assisting you every step of the way.

Support Details

KTern.AI Customer Success is a dedicated team of Senior Support Engineers and Enterprise Managers committed to delivering higher SLAs, faster triage, faster resolutions, as well as engaging customers with new service touchpoints to improve customer experience, system availability, and system performance for our business-critical Enterprise customers.

Dedicated Customer Success Engineers

All Support customer requests are routed directly to experienced Customer Success engineers from the minute the ticket is created during the business week (24x5). This eliminates time normally required in Select Support for the initial bounce, basic triage steps, environment questions, and internal escalation processes to get up to a more senior individual. These CS engineers have large-scale experience and advanced training beyond the Select Support teams to better and more quickly service your more complex and critical needs. During local holidays and weekends when the team is not available.

Development Escalation Priority & Coordination

Priority placement in the development escalation queue ensures your issues are triaged more quickly by our developers and product teams when escalated. This is important when issues require product team engagement and gives customers higher priority and service levels to ensure more timely root-cause analysis and next steps.

Screen Shares & Conference Calls

Our team utilizes phone calls, screen shares, and team sync meetings to solve issues faster by ensuring precious time and context are not lost when critical issues arise.

Health Checks

Health Checks can be requested up to quarterly on installed products in production, QA, and staging environments to help prevent outages and ensure best practices are followed. During a health check, our team will look for known issues with configurations, compatibility, driver versions, performance conditions, memory settings, and other improvements. Health Checks can be very helpful as a preventive tool for production outages and slowdowns as well as during system upgrades to ensure success.

Account On-boarding & Familiarity

Upon purchasing KTern.AI licenses, the Customer Success team will conduct an onboarding process to enable them to use KTern.AI Platform.


The Customer Success team of KTern.AI support scope includes

  1. Incident Support - Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system
  2. Root cause analysis
  3. Assistance with issues during onboarding
  4. Identifying and creating needed bug reports
  5. Guidance around implementation and configuration
  6. Integration support with other KTern.AI products

The support scope does not include the following

  1. Customers without a valid maintenance agreement
  2. End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate, or Development releases
  3. Development questions or requests
  4. For community-based development support, post these questions on KTern.AI Community
  5. If a bug in the KTern.AI development API is believed to be the root cause, you must provide sample code that demonstrates the problem and can be replicated
  6. Third-party application integrations or third-party apps
  7. Support for end-users
  8. Product training
  9. Support in languages other than English
  10. Professional Services
  11. System & Performance tuning
  12. Deployment & Capacity Planning
  13. Installation & Upgrade Services
  14. Search or Ask in KTern.AI Community for this type of assistance
  15. Contact one of our KTern.AI Partners (our 3rd party value-added resellers) who offer a wide range of services

Bug Fix Policy

Bug reports

KTern.AI Customer Success team is eager and happy to help verify bugs—we take pride in it! Create an issue in our support system, providing as much information as you can about how to replicate the problem you're experiencing. We'll try to replicate the bug to verify, and if successful lodge the report for you. We'll also try to construct workarounds if possible.

Bug fixing Approach

KTern.AI seeks to target the most critical bugs affecting the widest customer set. Bugs are prioritized based on the estimated impact to KTern.AI users. Most bugs are initially reported at Low priority until they are triaged and the true impact is assessed by KTern.AI.

The priorities applied to confirmed bugs are:

Priority 1 - Highest

Your application is degraded. Users aren't able to perform their job functions, and no workarounds are available. Typically the most impactful bugs are treated by KTern.AI as an incident. The highest priority bugs are the next most impactful variety of bugs.

KTern.AI begins work on the Highest priority bugs as soon as reasonably possible.

Priority 2 - High

A feature is unavailable, application performance is significantly degraded, or users' job functions are impaired. KTern.AI generally seeks to begin work on High priority bugs in the next sprint.

Priority 3 - Medium

The application or specific feature isn't working as expected, but there is a workaround available. Users' experience is impacted, but their job function is not impaired.

Medium priority bugs are typically worked on after all High and Highest priority bugs are resolved and there are no other critical priorities.

Priority 4 - Low

Typically smaller paper cuts such as cosmetic errors, or non-critical functionality do not behave as expected.

Low priority bugs are worked at KTern.AI's discretion and are typically only fixed if our Developers are already working in that area of the product and are able to easily resolve the problem identified.